Working and Waiting

Hey, straight outta London, it’s handsome young xmonox! With all the fame and riches that will come of this posting, we can only hope he’ll be able to purchase the lenses for his glasses. (I kid, I kid.)

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25 thoughts on “Working and Waiting

  1. If it’s one thing that really annoys the shit out of me it’s people wearing lenseless glasses >.<

    But the labrets do really suit him and he is quite dapper =D

  2. Aw cute boy with pretty eyes and pretty piercings. I am always okay with that.

  3. http://www.lookat
    …ahaha nice piercings aside, the glasses remind me of this site.
    you know, kind of like tacky hair ties with fake flowers on them were popular a few years ago? large glasses are the same

  4. Whats wrong with big glasses? HATERS.

    Those definately are the Real D glasses from the theaters. I do think that lenseless glasses look stupid though.

  5. Woah, never expected this to end up on here.
    And to 5 & 11- correct. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t wear these out, haha.

  6. it looks like their is lens glare in the top left of our right lens. they can be made not to look visible on film. however, i am a 24/7 glasses wearer due to very poor vision. personally i find it offensive when a person chooses to wear glasses for style points. hell, why dont you go out and get yourself a cane and mock people that have walking difficulties while your at it. better yet, go and get yorself some teeth braces to boot. oh and how would all this be complete without a checker board neck brace?

  7. I definitely took a joke picture of myself with those glasses after going to see a 3D movie. This is a cool shot though. He’s pretty.

  8. Cute boy from London with snakebites. Yes please. Why don’t I ever run into him when I go out?

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