Libra Rising

Good morning, ModBloggers! Really great shot here of another person pulling off some lovely asymmetry with her piercings—especially liking the chunkier labret and monroe jewelry.

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

16 thoughts on “Libra Rising

  1. As i get older i begin to really enjoy well-done asymmetrical design work. I am myself considering a torso tattoo by my own design which will be completely asymmetrical.

  2. Wooooah. Did anyone else think her thumb was going through a stretched cartilage piercing on her ear?

  3. Part of me is admiring the sheer beauty,
    while the OCD part of me is dying to rearrange her face a little o_O

  4. I just fell in love with her.

    And no myspace address to tell her. haha.

    God damn ! lol


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