The Music Will Play

Hey, smiley! I love this shot of Torrie, enjoying the weather and sporting some fancy new plugs; if summer ran a promotional campaign, it would probably look a little something like this. Almost makes me want to buy a pair of shorts! Almost.

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35 thoughts on “The Music Will Play

  1. man shes hot onlyproblem is that plugs horrible

    i love wood and stone plugs but

    i just dont liek that middle bit

    get some nice tunnels

  2. Torrie, what are you looking at? A tweeting Robin maybe?
    anyway, want to go back to my place? ive got binoculars we can bird watch :D

  3. Beautiful photo, she looks so happy.

    Also, dean: chill out and have respect for personal preference.

  4. she looks like a vampire! (not a bad thing)

    and I’m pretty sure her plugs are awesome. Juss sayin’.

  5. hehe! she does look like a vampire in her cute little yellow dress and nice plugs :]

  6. Amazingly beautiful. Possibly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen on modblog. *heart fluttter*

  7. wow, great picture and beautiful girl.

    One question for Jordan: Does she have any facial piercings? it’s a tag but i’m not seeing them

  8. Gorgeous girl, not too skinny or fat like the last few featured girls. Awesome piercings and jewellery too :) Those plugs look custom and expensive.

  9. that is one gorgeose girl , and those plugs look amazing , hand crafted works of art and that smile is jaw droppin ….. yowzza

  10. im dumping y bitch face girlfriend and hookin my slef up with a gorgeose tattooed babemind if any one cares the relationship is bullcrap and we have nothign in common absolutly nothing i love girls wiht large plugs and covered in tattoos mind also to be extremely beutiful and gorgeous just like torrie here

  11. Aww I love this girl, she’s so gorgeous. Cory, I bet she doesnt miss her having braces haha but she did look adorable with them. And Scott #15 Im pretty sure she has one nostril double pierced. She’s so perfect!!!

  12. Hey guys! Thanks for all the compliments and the one not so nice compliment. BTW-I looove those fucking plugs. =] and I have a few facial piercings. Double nostril, Septum[tucked] and 4g tongue. I keep it simple =]

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