Tried By Fire

Hope you’ve been enjoying your Memorial Day, American ModBloggers. The sun is still out, so if you haven’t high-fived a military officer, downed a pitcher of margaritas or fallen asleep in a kiddie pool, there’s still time! If, however, you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that your blissful long weekend is over and it’s back to the acid mines first thing tomorrow, maybe the lovely Lesha will lift your lilting spirits. Almost everything you see there (minus the tattoo work) was done by the illustrious Steve Truitt at Stay Gold Tattoos in Albuquerque—the three forehead microdermals and star implant in her chest, at the very least.

57 thoughts on “Tried By Fire

  1. Yup, that’ll do just fine……

    loving everything you’ve done with yourself….

  2. Is that one of them he-shes I seen on them porn sites?

    Or one of them My Chemical Romance dudes?

  3. Judging by the comments here these days I cant tell if this is Modblog or Perez Hilton.

  4. @ #8 and #13
    Does a girl need to have big boobs to be girls? Grow up and see reality…

    On Topic: There is something stunningly gorgeous about her, wow…
    People like her makes me almost get the hots for girls… XP

  5. I’m torn.

    The part of me that likes symmetry would like to see another Monroe on the other side. And I know it’s a backhanded compliment in saying so but the other part of me that thinks that quirky imperfections like Roman noses, etc. is attractive thinks that this is fantastic.

    Regardless, this is very very nice!

  6. I have found that in general, guys with low levels of self esteem seem to need large breasts on their women. I for one love small, firm breasts. Besides, girls with small breasts seem to have larger, more well defined nipples. (or at least comparatively so!)

  7. re #24 HEAR HEAR self esteem in bucketloads, just like my girls to look like girls and not emo boys.

  8. blah, blah, blah. don’t like my tits (or lack thereof ;[ ) then don’t fucking look. sounds pretty fucking logical to me!

  9. I’m entranced by her amazing clavicles. I’d like to know what the scars(?) between her stars say though.

  10. how can we not look when its right there? shoulda had a click through and the warning: Click through to see a naked boy.

  11. How rude can you get!? Here you have a pretty girl, who is happy with herself, in a world where fake tits and big tits seem to be the norm according to immature males. And you insult her about something she was born with and not chosen, it’s not a hairstyle she can change you know. By saying shit like this you are pretty much asking her to get an plastic surgery just cause YOU think she should look different. Again, how rude can you get?!

  12. Stunning.. Gorgeous.. Great body..

    I’m so lucky my girlfriend has the same body type.. 😀

  13. Everyone being rude and offensive, just please shut the fuck up. That kind of trashtalking is EXACTLY the reason why so many girls hate their body and feel the need to get surgery, so that they will “fit in” and stupid fucks like you guys will say they’re hot.
    Although she might not give a shit about what youre saying, other girls DO and it’s fucking with their self esteem having guys saying that there is sometihing wrog with them when there really isn’t.

    I, for one, think that small tits are hot and Lesha is very hot!

  14. I’m in love with the microdermals!!! And her skin!! It looks so silky smooth, I just want to touch it!!

    33# here here!

    Also, I love your nipple piercings!! Photos like yours inspired me to go get mine done.. and I did=) oh what joy!

  15. #33, I agree to an extent. but I think girls shouldn’t let piece of shit “men” make them feel that way. before I started modeling (majority of my work is nude/art nude/erotica) I was very insecure, but it helped me become more comfortable with my body. to each their own. now there are more postings above mine, quit coming to it!

  16. #37, feel what, beautiful? Or do you mean the other jerks saying you’re not?
    Everbody like different things, and I really don’t understand the reason why people are commenting when don’t have anything constructive or nice to say.

    My girlfriend actually think she’s fat.. And it’s so sad, and so damn hard convincing her she’s not.. 🙁

  17. make them feel insecure and bad about themselves. anyone that does that, is a sorry excuse for a human. I’m not just directing that at guys, fyi. I agree, but then again, it is modblog. everyone talks shit. they’re just internet tough guys though. they have not to show or contribute to this site except wasted comments.

  18. BIG dogs, BIG (gas guzzling) vehicles, BIG trucks with BIG tires, BIG speakers, BIG houses, BIG boobs! Why is everyone so obsessed with BIG these days????? Its QUALITY – NOT QUANTITY or SIZE that matters. Big is no substitute for self esteem or self confidence. To prove it I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a guy get laughed at because his girlfriend had big boobs – but heaven forbid the opposite.

    Yeah, I understand that different people have different tastes but why belittle someone because something about them is not your preference. I really dislike seeing girls with monstrous boobs that look like soft globs of fat hanging from their chest and are so out of proportion with the rest of their bodies but I have never found the need to insult those girls. I just say nothing and go my way.

    Lesha, you have a beautiful , well proportioned body (to die for) so just ignore the internet bullies! You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

  19. Why is the post count messed up? Anyway..

    I agree Lesha, but the sad truth is that most people are affected by what other people say about them, and especially negative comments.. I always get the “Why are you doing it to yourself?” from family members because of my 7/11″ lobes, and although I don’t really care about it that much, it does make me a bit sad that my family can’t accept me for what I am and appreciate that I have found something that makes me happy.
    People should just keep all that negative shit to themselves!

    lovedarling, indeed very hot too! 😉

  20. Nygaard, it’s totally different when it comes to family and when it’s someone you’re dating or married to or some fuck stick on the internet. there was a point in time where my family didn’t accept me or the things I did to my body. it never really bothered me because it made me feel good about myself to do these things. without my modifications I don’t feel right. with them and the more I get, the more I feel beautiful to MYSELF. and that’s what matters. but thanks to everyone for all the nice feedback :]

  21. Neurosis, why don’t youself a favor and grow the hell up. People like you at the end of the day are the ones who are the most insecure. You NEED to insult (or attempt, because you fail at it) others to make yourself feel better.

    Sucks huh, she’s beautiful. Little boobs, no boobs, big boobs… that’s not the point. She’s gorgeous.

    If you’re so much better, show us a picture of youself. I am in the mood for a good laugh.

  22. haha i don’t need to make myself feel better, i feel fuckin’ awesome. i just like to talk vitriolic shit about people because i hate you all. it brings me enjoyment and i do it for nothing other than the pure pleasure of insulting people. there’s no ulterior motive, i do it because i can.

    so eat shit you stank fish cunt.

  23. you can TRY to insult me but it doesn’t even make me bat an eye. want to get a rise out of me, you’ll have to try A LOT harder than that :]

  24. i think the REAL people with self-esteem issues are the hoes who get all naked and myspacey and shit.

  25. neurosis, shut the fuck up…your a stupid fucking idiot that really has noooo fucking life…i mean you sit here and talk shit because you can…or really its because you have nothing else better to do then talk shit…suck on my fucking baby popping, get my cunt licked allll night …bloody fucking pussy you fucking piece of shit

  26. seems to me the guys who ridicule smaller boobs are those guys who have smaller penises. lets see you getting them out for us to judge then boys…

  27. A lot of people try to make themselves feel good about themselves by putting others down. shoe is right…

    Neurosis certainly has not been willing to show his private parts off.

    Must be he is ashamed of something!? Proves my point!

  28. Neurosis- a “hoe” is a garden tool. It’s a shame how uneducated tools (ironic word selection, eh?) are these days.

    The fact that you hate people you don’t know makes it very clear you have some hardcore issues. Hate is one of the most powerful emotions…so to waste it on people who you will probably never meet… WoW. I actually feel bad for you.

    You claim you like insulting people yet you seriously suck at it. I mean come on

    “so eat shit you stank fish cunt.”

    “Cunt” -that word has lost it’s offensive effect YEARS ago. Hell, it is one of my favorite words on the planet. Telling somebody to eat shit? WOW, you’re so cool. Because that isn’t a super generic “insult”.

    Maybe karma will bestow upon you an industrial accident that will swiftly end your meaningless life.

    People who are comfortable being naked = great self-esteem. We are born naked. There is no shame in my game you angry little monkey.

    kisses and hugs

  29. Personally, I prefer smaller boobs. They’re usually more firm and sit higher, but hey that’s just me.

  30. god damn you are gorgeous
    to be honest, I thought you were a genderqueer of some kind, not male or female
    absolutly stunning
    I love s/he’s that look just like you!
    you are a stunning person

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