The World Rocks Beneath

I would probably lose my mind with piercings so close to my eyeballs, but these “crow’s feet” piercings seem pretty well placed and out of the range of impeding movement or vision, so hey, as Scottie Pippen would say, I take my hands off to you. But what inspires a person to get her crow’s feet pierced?

Well, I woke up one morning and I asked my boyfriend, “What should we do today?” He replied, “Something really random,” so I suggested to get piercings done. Off we went to venture our decision to get piercings. He said I should get my crow’s feet done and he got his transverse lobe. Surprisingly, it really didn’t hurt.

(Piercings by James at Dragon & Butterfly in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.)

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18 thoughts on “The World Rocks Beneath

  1. i loves freckles…..agreed on the piercings, driving you crazy…my eyebrow piercing(14 yrs old), moves alittle, and drives me crazy…shes a cutie!!

  2. Wow, she’s beautiful. I also really like the use of tiny silver studs. It looks great!

  3. I agree, they make her eyes sparkle! She’s beautiful as well, I love her freckles :) I wish I had freckles! Frecklenvy!

  4. if i had a girlfriend and i said to her ‘baby, you should get your crow’s feet pierced…’,

    i would expect to hear ‘what crow’s feet motherfucker?’,

    and probably never get laid again…

  5. quite interesting and neat.
    however, that’s the most boring story told about crow’s feet piercings.

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