Upon the Road

Hey, it’s Justinne, looking mighty sharp with that head of long, luscious ha—oh. Never mind. “Wearing my wig and dressed up nice,” she says, “hiding my shaved head to go job hunting.” If you’ll look after the jump, however, we have irrefutable evidence that she looks great with a shorn scalp as well. Everybody wins!

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

43 thoughts on “Upon the Road

  1. SO MANY VERNONITES BEING MODBLOGGED! YAY FOR US! <3 I love Justinnes beautiful baldness!

  2. WOW she is beautiful. I’m usually not a big fan of multiple labret piercings, but they work very well with her face.

    Also- love the wig, but love the bald head even more 🙂 What a pretty girl!

  3. Very pretty lady!

    I can’t help think in the first photo she looks a little like a raven haired, be-spectacled, lip spiked Ann Hathaway.

    Modblog should do a modded celebrity look-a-like contest.

  4. The baldness makes her beautiful eyes stand out so much.

    I have to say though, personally I think I’d prefer balls to such large spikes, but hey, looks good either way

  5. Yaaaaay Justine you totally have envy inducing piercings we should totally hang out some time soon maybe some of your copious amounts of unfiltered awesome will somehow spread to me….like a disease…..gross….heh

  6. wow, thats a convincing wig!
    shes hotter with the shaved head tho *drool*

  7. She’s cute with or without hair, but i love how she looks with hair. I’d marry her.

  8. Oh shit, guess what? I’m in love again.
    Plus, the double life thing is always a turn-on.

  9. You know, I was sitting here when it struck me: she’s not a real person, Bob Kane made her.

  10. It’s incredible how drastically her look is altered by the wig, I think it might be the angle of the photo. I think she is beautiful with hair and without hair, but I think she is particularly beautiful in the second photo, so gorgeous and her eyes are really lovely. Her mods suit her perfectly, as though her labret spikes bounce the focus back up to her eyes!

  11. i like it when girls go shaved, its pretty sexy.
    its even sexier when the girl got some mods. thats cool.

  12. Kind? I’m just worried of some DC Comics attorney shutting down bme on copyright issues, phew.

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