Where They Breathe They Impose

Oh, hello! Welcome to the nation’s leading renter’s insurance advice column, “PVC Wednesdays”! Today we have the lovely Cyberesque and her man, all done up in the shiny black stuff, posing at London’s Torture Garden back in 2008. Handsome couple, no? After the jump, they ditch their earthly bondage for something a little freer.

Above photo shot in Berlin, 2008, by Ono Ludwig.

25 thoughts on “Where They Breathe They Impose

  1. This has got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing things I have seen in a long time – and that’s saying a lot. Love everything from the heavy black ink to how the pieces coordinate between the two bodies. Oh… and I’d like to see more and more and more of this everywhere.

  2. They look amazing.
    The Torture Garden is also the best fetish event I’ve been to.

  3. Love the secound photo and how the light accentuatuates her round softness to his structured rigidity…tattoos however not in love with

  4. Omg…I <3 this picture!!! They are so sexy I’d like to be the meat in that sandwich. ;)

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