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I have to admit, I’m still sometimes amazed by the radically different ways in which people may develop scars as a result of cuttings. Here we’ve got a pair (actually, a trio) of cuttings that illustrate this nicely. Up above is a scarification piece by Wendi from Ann Arbor, one year old at this point—healing well and evenly, leaving a somewhat faint scar. After the jump, another pair of cuttings by Wendi that took a wildly different turn.

Night and day? Night and day. The single-line around her breasts is six months old, and the lotus cutting is three months old. The wearer in this case is referred to as “my muse”—with good reason, it seems! Obviously, bits of the breast scar have underdeveloped in relation to the rest of it, but what a reaction nonetheless.

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28 thoughts on “Realize the Strength

  1. i know people say this all the time, but i’m never grossed out by anything on this website. however that second scar picture… i could not live with something like that on my body.

  2. Hm, I don’t know.
    I think I could live with it.
    But I also really like the way it looks. haha.
    The one under the breasts is kind of intense though.
    I wouldn’t really shoot for that look.

    I really want to see a cutting like this in person!

  3. that line looks uncomfortable if she wears a wire bra
    must have been cut to deep
    i think she was aiming for something less then what it is
    will see later how it looks

  4. I have a few scar pieces and man, I’d LOVE to keloid like that. Beautiful really. I just want to touch it!

  5. wohw, amazing. Did you heal them differently or is it just different ways of cutting?
    I want to touch it too ^^

  6. Wow that is insane!!! It always amazes me how different people scar. On the one hand I really really want to touch the second scar, but at the same time it also kind of grosses me out haha. I like raised scars, but in the case it’s a bit too much for me.

  7. Hmmm, I think I still prefer scars associated with a (non-self induced) traumatic incident, like car collisions and open heart surgery. However, if I scarred like chick #2 I think I’d be more reckless with tools and knives and things, hoping, just hoping to get a sweet scar.

  8. If the scar running below her breasts are three months old they are hypertrophic .
    “…hypertrophic scars are characterized by erythematous, pruritic, raised fibrous lesions that typically do not expand beyond the boundaries of the initial injury and may undergo partial spontaneous resolution. Hypertrophic scars are common after thermal injuries and other injuries that involve the deep dermis.

    Hypertrophic scars and keloids can be described as variations of typical wound healing. In a typical wound, anabolic and catabolic processes achieve equilibrium approximately 6-8 weeks after the original injury. At this stage, the strength of the wound is approximately 30-40% that of healthy skin. As the scar matures, the tensile strength of the scar improves as a result of progressive cross-linking of collagen fibers. At this point, the scar is usually hyperemic and it may be thickened, but it tends to subside gradually over months until a flat, white, pliable, possibly stretched, mature scar has developed. When an imbalance occurs between the anabolic and catabolic phases of the healing process, more collagen is produced than is degraded, and the scar grows in all directions. The scar is elevated above the skin and remains hyperemic. Excessive fibrous tissue is classified as either a keloid or a hypertrophic scar.”

    In most cases the excessive scarring with resolve itself.

  9. @3 i was sort of thinking the same thing, the breast scar might have just been irritated more by bras and the like.

  10. WOW! the bottom cutting is beautiful and fantastically compliments a lovely pair of breasts

  11. Wow! I think I just came. The first photo is beautiful, the image of the flower+ the healed effect makes it look whimsical/soft.

    Im not as moved with the second photo, and how dominant it looks, but on the plus side, I think the scars accentuates her full breasts

    Either way its a win win=)

  12. @8: The single line under her breasts is 6 months old, not 3. As such, it is significantly more developed than the lotus. The portions with “excessive” scarring will resolve itself, as that is the way the body works, but the thickest portions will be visible for the longest as the rest of the scar also continues to mature and fade.

    Personally, I like the top picture more. NOT because of the extent of the scarring, but because I think the design is superior.

  13. Holy shit, that’s amazing.
    I watch to touch it, hot damn, it looks so damn awesome.
    It’s such a thick, even, consistent scar!
    I have been overwhelmed.

  14. like the design of the second one better, but i had a (n accidental) scar that was pretty raised and crazy like that and it ITCHED LIKE CRAZY. after about a year it stopped itching/started getting flatter, not wt 2 years it’s pretty much recessed into the skin, more like an indent. point being, looks kind of cool, but was way uncomfortable for me so i would never choose to do it.

  15. The second one turns me on something fierce. It looks like it would be amazing to touch.

  16. Eurgh, sorry that second repulses me. I like the bottom part, but the bit up the top is really raised and looks horrible to me. Shame as it could have been a nice design.

  17. there’s been a total of two scarification projects on modblog that i’ve liked.
    both were slightly, but pretty evenly raised scars. 1 on a female’s ribs and a whole lot of work on some guy’s thigh.

    personally, i think most scar projects would’ve been better tattoo projects. i think people get into scarification because of how mainstream tattoos are getting. its like ink isn’t taboo enough for them, so they get scars.

    i don’t think any of these compliment the wearers body, and the one around the breasts is grotesque.

    but what do i know.. i’ve got dicks and pussies tattooed all over my leg and people are pretty turned off by that too, while i think its grotesque but in the most awesome way possible.

    kudoos if you’re happy with the results

  18. I’d go for the first one
    Don’t like so reaised scarifications
    But, as 19 says, kudos if you’re happy with it =)

  19. #9, A bra would have put pressure on the wound while it was healing and lessened the eventual height of the scar.

    Merely irritating a wound will not necessarily make a more dramatic scar. It’s that logic, I think, that puts people through excessive pain, and often causes inconsistencies in the end result.

    Some irritants make taller, darker scars, some just hurt. Then there are those that will assist in a barely visible scar.

    All that said, I’m sure there’e someone out there with more experience than me who can add to my statement enough to school me. Ha.

  20. Also, I’m not convinced that it’s 100% the person with the scar and the way they heal that created the difference in the two photos.

    Has anyone else noticed how much more dramatic scars on the chest tend to be?

    It’s unfair to compare a chest scar to a scar anywhere else.

  21. Hey, that second picture is me! :D

    And yes, all of the scars (including a chest piece not pictured) itch like CRAZY. Especially when MI get humid like it has been lately.

  22. If those were my scars in the second picture I would never be able to stop touching them.

  23. Whenever I see scarification like the second one I always wonder if it is uncomfortable for the person. I have a few keloids and they used to itch like crazy. They’re 2 years old now and still hurt sometimes, randomly and hurt like a bitch if i get sunburnt.
    I love the design of both, but much prefer the scarring on the first.
    I wonder was the second cut more deeply or did they just scar differently?

  24. Hmmm well I don’t want to speak for Katie (the girl in the 1st pic) or Chelsea (the girl in the 2nd pic) but here is my input.

    On the 1st scar I didn’t widen the lines very much, just enough to open them up because Katie’s design was very delicate and thin. The only clothing that caused irritation to her piece was a sports bra.

    Chelsea is my muse and her scars raise like crazy. (she has been featured before for the circles (ovals) that I did on her chest). The underbust line was cut much wider than Katie’s piece. She had a couple of preexisting scars that I just touched lightly because she planned on getting injections from her dermatologist so they would decrease and we could even out the line later (so the line is inconsistent on purpose). Chelsea went a long time without a bra…..I think until she could no longer stand it. The lotus is our newest piece and it will be interesting to see how much more it raises and changes as time goes on.
    I feel that how much Chelsea’s scars have raised is because they are on her chest and that is just the way she scars (from the accidental scars that were already on her chest).

    I hope this helps!

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