Silver in Show

Well that was a fun day, no? Pretty people, a cute puppy, and the glorious return of the Fire Joe Morgan-style article takedown; as far as I’m concerned, a day like that deserves a crown on top. Now, I know I had to eat some shit the last time I posted a photo of a microdermal augmenting a tattoo, but I think this piece is a little more nicely executed, and maybe makes a bit more sense conceptually. Wear it well, ModBloggers.

Until tomorrow.

(Microdermals by Pako Sanchez at La Familia in Toledo.)

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20 thoughts on “Silver in Show

  1. Though I don’t really like the crown tattoo in itself, I find it a bit boring, I do really like the use of microdermals to jazz it up!

  2. it may be better than the last one your posted, the the tattoo is still shitty. it’s got wobbly linework and it’s wonky as all get out.

  3. it may be better than the last one your posted, but the tattoo is still shitty. it’s got wobbly linework and it’s wonky as all get out.

  4. Dear Jordan,

    I think you do an excellent job of maintaining this blog. Even if there is a lack of “interesting” stuff, it’s hardly your fault. Hell, what do people want? I am constantly pleased by ModBlog content and enjoy both the good and bad. We need the bad to appreciate the good.

    Please continue being awesome.

  5. I guess i missed the memo, but since when did BME become full of self righteous asshole cunts?
    and if their happy then who gives a flying fuck. i got some shitty home done tattoos. like my very first one done with a ebay bought gun. i love it to death

    so this is what i have to say

    “it’ got wobbly linework and it’s wonky as all get out.”

    suck my dick

  6. “Toledo, Ohio? Or Toledo, Spain?”

    look at the shop/artist’s names. do you really need to ask?

    i wouldn’t like this tattoo without the microdermals, but it looks nice with them.

  7. nikk, i’ll suck your dick
    the tattoo still looks like it was done by a four year old with ADHD

  8. Regardless of linework, I like the the placement (between the two portraits…obviously the lady has some big hair and the positioning of the crown is centred between the faces themselves) and the microdermals. i think it’s a nice touch.

  9. @WARBORN(THE ORIGINAL) on May 27th, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    There is something like Capslock, it’s on the left side of your keyboard…
    and you can press it!

  10. I agree with Dangerbtich! Now y’all are going as far as ripping into people for their grammar and spelling. I can go to immature comedy website with videos of people getting hurt, fucked, or stoned to see these comments. I thought we were above this. I thought we were supposed to be open-minded people trying to DISprove the stereotypes that we modified people deal with daily.

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