Gravity Undoes You

Oh, hello! Welcome to ModBlog’s award-winning “Mustache Thursday,” wherein we celebrate the finest in mustaches belong to members of our beloved body modification community. Today’s featured soup strainer belongs to the lovely Dee, who was last seen here melting our minds with this piece. It’s funny—in my experience, it hasn’t been uncommon to hear people claim that septum piercings, by and large, make people seem more intimidating than any single other facial piercing. At the same time, though…they enable you to do stuff like this. Which is kind of the opposite of intimidating.

More photographic evidence, after the jump.

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17 thoughts on “Gravity Undoes You

  1. i really like to see septum piercings on other people…i would do it just to use a mustache xD

  2. I just poked an 18g hole behind my 6g Septum. The biggest motivation behind the second hole, was a mustache-ish/tusk jewelry! I love it!

  3. what a hottie, and i love the mustache…i prefer to stick a #2 pencil in my septum, it really freaks people out…

  4. Love your wire mustache! You look like an evil villan :-)
    Also, your dimples couldn’t possibly have been MORE perfect for those piercings!

  5. I think the “intimidating” part is because you normally see septum piercings on a) large, aggressive animals like boars and bulls, and b) Papuan headhunters.

    OK, when I say “normally” I mean in mainstream culture in general…I live in Madison, Wisconsin, so it’s just about as normal to see them on girls around here.

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