It’s Running You With Red

Hey, aw, this is sweet, right? Neither of these folks, Nadine (more) or Alex (more), are strangers to this corner of the Internet’s Wild West, but Nadine sent in these shots of the happy pair sporting a damn ocean’s worth of ink by our old friend Marc (with photos by Marc as well), and you know what? They were too damn cute to pass up. Everyone understands, right? Right. After the jump, some sound advice, in the form of a tattoo, etc.

12 thoughts on “It’s Running You With Red

  1. Oh my god. What an adorable couple!! And the tattoos, agh, so freakin gorgeous!! My mind is definitely becoming set on having a tattoo in that sketchy sort of style, I really love it. :) <3

  2. I would loovvveee to give blood,but,because I have tattoos and piercings,they don’t want my blood for at least another year (that’s if I don’t get tattooed again within the next year).Personally,I think that’s a ridiculous rule.My tattoo studio is hygienic,clean,and professional.I’m absolutely certain I don’t have hepatitis,or HIV,or any other blood-borne diseases,and if I did,I certainly wouldn’t have gotten it from my tattoo studio.
    That’s my rant over…

    Anyway,these photos are so sweet!I love the pattern of stars on Nadine’s arm :D Gorgeous!

  3. These tattoos are absolutely amazing. I love the cross hatching and the sketchy feel it has in some places. I truly love their work.
    And, these two are adorable. : ]

  4. I’m pretty sure love hates me, but shines warm on them.
    what a great picture, and I’m still raves over her inner forearm ink.
    nice to see.
    okay, back to being single and bitter.

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