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New rule: When you get an A Christmas Story tattoo, slightly re-imagined as an old-school piece (with a flash-y banner, at least), you get to be on ModBlog. Doesn’t matter what season it is, not even a little. And if you disagree? Take it up with Ralphie there, who has been instructed to fire at will.

(Tattoo by Jason Gone, who’s on the road and currently in Cincinnati, Ohio.)

And that, my lovely friends, is how this week ends. How did we spend our time together?

I’ll have whatever she’s having.

Hey, a pretty pierced corset done up as formal-wear! Good stuff.

We made fun of a stupid fake trend.

All cephalopods, all the time, forever, amen.

Surprise! It’s not a dick.

And here is a corset that would probably be frowned on as formal-wear.

High-fives all around.

As per usual, we’ll be around here and there over the weekend, but Monday morning is when we really gas up the jet and get this thing going again. Until then, have fun out there, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

12 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. yet another i thought no one would have or get it tattoos
    im still going for it tho what are the chances we meet

  2. Strange. Even something as momentous as the Scot Farkus affair, which it came to be known, was pushed out of my mind as I struggled to come up with a way out of the impenetrable BB gun web, in which my mother had me trapped.

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