Easy or Impossible

As is likely well known around these parts, ModBlog has a proud tradition of tattoos celebrating both the work and many faces of Salvador Dali. This is a tradition we would like to continue, and, hey, we like to think that this handsome portrait of the man by the shit-kicking Nikko Hurtado at Ignition Tattoo in Hesperia, California, is a fine addition to an already impressive canon. “But Jordan,” you ask, “what kind of man wears such a fine portrait of such a gleefully mad artist?” All your questions will be answered after the jump.

Do we know who it is? Well, no. But he’s wearing his summertime clothes, and on a scorcher like today, that’s just good thinking.

Peace be with you, ModBloggers. Until tomorrow.

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20 thoughts on “Easy or Impossible

  1. Beautiful tattoo! The work of a truly gifted and dedicated artist. Animal Collective!! This has just made my day ^__^

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