4th of July Weekend BMEshop Sale!

So I’m doing it again! It’s almost the Fourth of July weekend and I’ve been bedridden, but I can finally squint hard enough to see my screen and select a bunch of BMEshop items to put on sale with the coupon code bmelovesme. All of our Mother of Pearl, Latex Gloves and all three types of silicone dildos are on sale for 15% off. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention our little silicone Prrtle which comes with a vibrator.

And, if you were wondering, these high quality silicone gems all came from our good friend Badur at Body Art Toys when he closed up shop. They really need a new home…and that means in someone’s vagina or bum. There, I said it! :) The first 10 people to make an order, take photos and submit them for BME with their new purchases, in addition to getting them up on ModBlog will get a free year of IAM access. Make sure to include when you submitted that these were BMEshop purchases!

Oh, and since I got a few meanie emails about not being clear about when the sale ended last time, it ends on EST time at midnight on Saturday.

10 thoughts on “4th of July Weekend BMEshop Sale!

  1. i think we both would have more fun if she were using your toys… shes gawgeous!!!

  2. is she under-age? she mentions she’s graduating from high school in her 6/26 update.

  3. I turned 18 very early in my senior year of high school, in the US. I think more people are 18 when the graduate than are not.

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