If Only You Try

The lat time we saw Andy around these parts, it was nothin’ but wang, which, hey, yielded few complaints. But now, we’ve got an update on his vertical lowbrets (which we’ve seen a few times in the past), freshly up to 3.2 mm., potentially on their way to 4 mm., and in mighty good health from the looks of things. After the jump, a shot of that adorable punim from a better angle, chops and all.

(Lowbrets by Indy at Ritual Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.)

25 thoughts on “If Only You Try

  1. these are sweeeeeet. i love the ‘looking up at them’ angle, i did some a few months ago, think i may have to recreate that angle. keep up the good work dude – and let us know if you go bigger than 3.2mm 🙂 x

  2. it makes me think about how amazing the human body is…how could they heal and stay like that? (i think he has them since 2008 😡 )

  3. I have been rocking mine since, I believe 2001, pretty much immediately after seeing Shannon’s done by Tom Brazda. About once a year I’ll piss them off and they flare up, but if otherwise they are awesome and I pretty much forget about them since they are usually obscured by facial hair.

  4. It looks so well taken care of. that’s awesome.

    still don’t understand the point though, seems like it’d just get in the way.

  5. i wonder if he could stick cocktail straws in them and be able to drink things. can you create suction down there? >busily sucking in cheeks< I HAVE TO KNOW!

  6. And if he takes them out… he’s, like, drooling all over the place?

  7. How long are those bars (and thus piercings too)? (Just to try and figure out how much of a bitch they are to stretch)

  8. i don’t suppose he drools…i imagine if there’s nothing in them, they squash flat.. like a vagina.

  9. They look bad ass and hard to take care of! But I guess that;s just an assumption? Now someone needs to get them. Then stretch them. To like four inches.

  10. sweet looks killer Loving the way thy look

    im sure this is THE stoopidest question but how far up do they go? what;s it look/feel like and do they bother you or ur teeth or anything??

    *waiting for the firestorm of your an f’n moron bitck*

  11. #16 i was thinking the same thing. i imagine they come up next to the gum and the irritation would be something you’d get used to like a lip ring or a labret bar or something.

  12. It is indeed not the first time he is on Modblog with these.

    The bars are a little over an inch long.

    And they don’t bother the teeth or gums since the jewels are custom made and look like mini-deep chest bars.
    The worst problem he had was keloids on the outside but they are gone for the moment.

  13. just curious if anyone has ever considered risks involved with the marginal mandibular nerve in this sort of placement?

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