The Attentive Eye

It just occurred to me that it’s been an eternity since we featured anything by way of all-star BME photo submitter Kitano Karyuudo and the lovely Eva, pictured above; I really love the starkness of the pictures in this set (among other, more obvious things). More photos, all click-throughable, after the jump, but if that’s not enough, check BME/Hard for their extensive gallery.

See more in Kitano Bonus Gallery (BME/HARD Bonus Galleries) (members only)

16 thoughts on “The Attentive Eye

  1. These pictures are really striking, I love the way the piercings fit onto her body. Its all very well done.

    Alas, I find myself drawn to the hair under her arms….

  2. Wait going natural?!?! She shaved her puss & obviously legs!! If chicks don’t shave their pits- each to their own as long as they wear dude deodorant so they aren’t stinky!

  3. makes me wonder of the fine people of that town in the baclground know whats going on just a mile or so away lol i bet it would shock them quite a bit, more shocking to them is that a woman can and will do what ever she wants just because she can:)

  4. gah. I love hair on ladies. Not too much mind you, I’d rather she didn’t best me in a mustache competition, but a little pit hair, a little bush and some leg hair can be damn hot.

  5. those stockings are cutting into her leg like a bitch! hahaha nothing like a bit of nude freedom.

    i do find it weird she left her pits and not her front-bum. usually for me if i dont shave its the other way round.

    and shes cute.

  6. Did anybody else kinda expect her to have a cock or something?

    Feeling a bit disaponted to be honest.

  7. I did not know the fact that Eva was adopted in BME NEWS.
    I let you make an effort my Eva adopts an opinion of all of you, and to be used more and more attractively.
    Let me say that “thank you very much” to the all of you whom I gave comment.

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