A Hundred Souls and a Hundred To Go

The last time we saw Cookie, we caught a glimpse of some of her 3D implants and scarification work, but, quite frankly, that was just the tip of the iceberg as far as her rather intense and extremely impressive body of modification work goes. The implants are (obviously?) by her husband, the illustrious Steve Haworth, tattoos by Nicole McCord, and the scar work you can see is by our favorite ubiquitous Australian, Wayde Dunn, at the Haworth Mod Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. More pictures, of course, after the jump.

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32 thoughts on “A Hundred Souls and a Hundred To Go

  1. she looks like she would be bumpy if you touched her but a good bumpy because she has sweet implants :)

  2. the scars are great, and at first i thought she went a bit too far with the implants, but i’m starting to like it.. symmetry can be a beautifull thing..

  3. I’m very curious, like #6, about how durable these implants are. How rigid are the pieces, do they flex or bend at all under the skin? How easily can they be pushed out of position? Is it possible for them to wear through the skin? I’d really like to see a feature about daily living with implants like these, and I’m sure others would like to know too, as it’s a pretty unique and tempting mod.

  4. Ironically, I am putting together a seminar that will answer all of the questions you have. There is A LOT to these kinds of mods and it isn’t as simple as just sticking stuff under the skin. 3 D Body Modifaction has come a long way to be able to do such work.

    I have accepted that should I be hurt, the mods could be hurt as well. My daily living isn’t a problem with the exception of the public. I have decided NOT to implant my hands due to the fact that at some point I will need and IV and having access to veins is necessary.

    I can’t answer all the questions but I can say that I have been getting silicone implants for 8 years now and haven’t had any problems with the silicone implants. This art form is only 15 years old so there is still a lot of questions about longevity. I feel confident that the biggest worry I face is damage from an outside source (car accident/falling/being hit) and the fact that the skin will thin as I reach my 60′s.

    You can’t get this work and not assume you won’t have problems. Then again they are finding problems with tongue splittings after 10 years plus, so I hope everyone keeps this in mind when modifying themselves in any form.

  5. The scars look great! The implants on the other hand…their placement doesn’t seem to flow with the lines of her body very well. Second on Nelson’s questions though, I’m curious as to how they would feel.

  6. Love the scars and CBR/CB implants, the hearts do seem kinda off – I personally wouldn’t have done that many that close to eachother on an lower arm myself, and it doesn’t realy flow all that well with her arms – but that’s just my personal taste.

    Though, when it comes to implants, there’s no one like Steve and these implants seem quite fresh.. I’d love to see what they’d look like in a year or so.

    Also, perfect symmetry in placement!

  7. I had the pleasure of meeting Cookie and Steve at APP 2009- Both of them were surprisingly sweet, nice and polite and i really enjoyed hanging with them and talking to them. I love Cookies implants and she carries them so well. They look great on her :)

  8. Kuranai- Not to answer for Cookie, but the hearts were custom made by her husband and they are connected as one piece.

  9. Wow #23, the hearts are one piece? I would love to know about the insertion process for them.
    Looks very nice.

  10. squirrelgirl – i know, i’ve seen it actually (procedure pictures, as they were featured in an old’ish tattoo mag), but i still think it just seems too much of a good thing. Still a bit early too say though, anyway.

  11. Whoa the hearts are one piece? gaa. Well I guess that makes a lot of sense for them shifting.. but shit! That’s one long implant. Ya like someone else already said I thought it was a bit much, I still kind of do, but it really is incredible! <3 symmetry

  12. In regards to living with implants, I have had virtually no problems with mine.

    I have big steel bars in my forarms that I put in about 10 years ago now and recent having them saved my ulnar nerve (which im am super happy about). I have had pain from them getting hit but its rare.

    I also have big one in the lower bicep area that i have never had anything after the initial healing back in 2004.

    I love having them :)

  13. Holy smokes…
    I love the configuration of the CBR/Circulars in her arms
    they are so great.

    not really feeling the line the hearts make…but it’s still a cool idea

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