Leave Things The Way You Found Them

Hoo boy, this guy? This guy is just a mountain of a man. You know all the stories that have been alternately told throughout the years about Bill Brasky/Vin Diesel/Chuck Norris/Angela Lansbury/etc.? Every time those various feats of strength and hilarity were told, the storyteller was thinking about this man. True story.

(Tattoos by Jan, Igor and Kaska at Fur Immer Tattoo in Berlin and Classic Ink and Mods in Amsterdam; body hammered out by Hephaestus himself.)

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39 thoughts on “Leave Things The Way You Found Them

  1. Indeed, the cow kind of…fucks up the whole idea of big bad guy, which makes him so cool 😛

  2. Toooootally agreed with #9, it does take away from the tough look… But maybe that was the intention?
    Either way, what a man!

  3. oh my. having some trouble tearing my eyes off those neck tattoos and hip bones.

  4. I agree PC, HOLY SWEET JESUS. One of the most beautiful men I have ever seen holy CRAP. Sexy as hell YIKES! Beautiful mods, I am… totally… drooling.

  5. correction, not the hottest guy that’s been on here.

    he’s got a butter face

  6. All of his tattoos are okay, but the throat tattoo is the one that makes me most moist.

  7. some kind of sex god LOL
    but finally, a man! not a wimpy little boy with skinny girl arms and emo written all over his face. very enjoyable photo 🙂

  8. Butter face?? Are you kidding me? This is hotness defined, the essence of sex. Dayum.

    And personally, I like the cow. It’s quirky.

  9. the cow is froma record by dutch sxe/thrashcore band Larm from the 80′s. Kind of in line with the Fear of God tattoo- legendary swiss grind band.

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