Full Coverage: Links From All Over (July 13, 2009)

[NY Daily News] Last year, we were lucky enough to interview Kim Saigh, then of television spectacle L.A. Ink, and really, in addition to being a great artist, she could not have been sweeter and more pleasant to speak to. In a lot of ways, she stood in total opposition to what’s expected of reality television stars—that is, she did her best to function as a person who, it just so happened, was being filmed by a crew while doing what she would normally be doing during the day, without trying to manufacture drama or turn herself into a caricature for the purpose of making a name for herself as a member of Hollywood Elite or whatever nonsense. Well, ha ha, guess who’s not on L.A. Ink anymore! Saigh and fellow exceptional artist Hannah Aitchison have moved onto other things, and have been replaced with…wait, are you kidding me?

As the third season gets underway, the producers – or the stars – have reached into the reality show tool bag and added a new cast member, one that should come with the soundtrack from “Sesame Street” with Muppets singing “one of these things is not like the others.”

Aubry Fisher, who rose to fame, or more like shame, on VH1′s junk series “Rock of Love” turns up at Kat Von D’s shop in Los Angeles, and amazingly, without experience, gets a job there.

She immediately gets on everyone’s nerves – no shock there – including Von D’s, who is upset her brother hired her without letting her know.

Holy shit that is stupid. Seriously? L.A. Ink was never exactly high-brow entertainment, but at least the artists were, for the most part, decent human beings with considerable talent. And they’re replaced by actual garbage television run-off? Everybody involved should be very proud of themselves. Let’s see what Aubry’s bio claims she brings to the table:

- Doesn’t care about what other people think about her

- Is a self-described mean girl

- Great at starting a fire, but also good at putting one out


- Considers herself a Hollywood socialite

- Starred on Rock of Love 2

- Currently owns a karaoke business called “Crazy Bitch Karaoke”

Hey, remember when TLC used to stand for “The Learning Channel”? Ha ha, Jesus fucking Christ. At the same time, though, we also like to fancy ourselves Hollywood socialites! Jump the line, bottle service, etc.! Call us, Aubry!

[Dallas Morning News] Well, here is some delightful irony (or is it sacrilege?) for your afternoon. It seems some fellow down in Denton, Texas, visited a local tattoo establishment to receive some permanent iconography of the religious sort, and then displayed behavior unbecoming of the sentiment with which he was just tattooed! Here are the scandalous details:

A man commissioned a tattoo artist to imprint “Only God can judge me” on his upper arm Monday and then left without paying, the victim told Denton police.

The tattoo artist said the man came in to the shop in the 200 block of West University Drive with some friends and asked for the motto along with the image of praying hands.

The artist completed the work and asked for $200, according to the report. The man handed over a credit card, but the charge was declined by the credit card company. The man waited in the front of the store for a bit with his friends, and the friends slipped away.

Then the man ran out of the store, according to the report.

Obviously, we here at BME do not in any way support stiffing hard-working businesspeople, and we hope this is a wake-up call to artists across the country and around the world to only tattoo gainfully employed Satanists and godless atheists. It is for your own good and the well-being of your companies.

[Inquisitr] Hoo boy, as if you needed another excuse to get yer dick tattooed, covering the old johnson with ink could very well keep you out of jail! Example:

A UK man accused of flashing a female train guard has been cleared of all charges because of the tattoo of a lizard on his penis.

A female train guard accused 28 year old Barry Kenny of flashing his penis to herself and others while intoxicated on the train ride from Newcastle to Hartlepool. But the woman had not mentioned anything unusual about Kenny’s member.

Barry Kenny’s attorney managed to get the charges of indecent exposure dropped after Kenny was allowed to expose himself in court for magistrates to see that clearly, his accuser would have mentioned the tattoo had she really seen him expose himself on the train.

The train guard protested, however, explaining to the judge, “But Your Honor, I specifically mentioned the defendant showing me a tiny lizard!” Ha, get it? BOOSH! Seacrest out.

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16 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (July 13, 2009)

  1. Everyone on L.A. Ink now looks like greasy white-trash porn stars. I just kind of want to take a scrub-brush to all of them and keep scrubbing until the fail is washed away.

    Way to give the tattooed community a bad name, jesus.

  2. Bahaha, i always thought of LA Ink as the sleazy stepsister of Miami Ink, who on occasion, could show a bit of class. Now LA Ink is just pure slimetastic tattooing. Gross.
    Thank you, Mr. Ginsberg, for using the word Boosh. 15 points for you.

  3. As an old client of Hannah’s I was extremely excited when I first heard about LA Ink. Sadly it didn’t take long for that show to become such a blight. How in the world does one get that many talented artists together and manage to make such a horrible show? Such a wasted opportunity there to make a compelling documentary and earn Discovery/TLC a little more integrity. Good for Kim and Hannah getting out of there. The good news is I hear their prices are back down to what they were before the show, now that they don’t have to pay the shop fee to Kat.

  4. I’ll be honest; I like watching these shows, stuff like Inked/Ink Wars/LA, London and Miami Ink, as I like looking at good tattoos. I hate the fake drama and everything, which KVD seems to think makes the show. It doesn’t. I wasn’t into Miami Ink until Tim Hendricks joined; I’ve long been a fan of his work. Same with LA Ink- I’ve always loved Hannah Aitchison (and her brother) so seeing her work was fantastic. Kim too, some of the work she produced was awesome. So to get rid of these talented artists in favour of someone like Aubry is an insult.

    Ah well. At least one day I may be able to get tattooed by Hannah without some wheezing drama queen yelling ‘I’m super stoked!’ in the background.

  5. ya miami and la ink were both fresh when they started. i just really dug on watching the good pieces get done and hearing the stories. hearing about the artists’ live gave some good depth as well and the occasional prank was funny shit. now i’m not sure how much i’ll enjoy it with this moronic new “employee”. i really hope it wasn’t some ploy drummed up by the producers to make more drama. tattoos are fine without it.

  6. I met Kat Von D once, she was really nice, seemed kind of “out of it” but not the egomaniac I pictured, she seemed like the sort of person who could just talk to anyone all day, but ha yeah she has a wicked stoner laugh dude, serious.

  7. I used to really like LA and Miami Ink, seeing the tattoos and the stories behind them. But I just saw the new season and it is a steaming pile of crap. Not only do they have that stupid reality star bimbo on the show now, but then they hired that fake-looking porn star who wasn’t even a decent artist! Most of the tattoos weren’t even all that great! The show is so fake now, half the stuff that goes on is just bullshit the producers probably told them to say.

  8. I love Miami Ink, but I just can’t watch LA Ink anymore. At least before, there was Hanna and Kim to balance out Kat’s craziness. Now there’s just that very annoying blonde. Nope. I just can’t stand to watch it. I want Miami Ink back. I just hope they don’t try to screw up that show too.

  9. Funny, Kat and I were both working (ok, she got pd $40,000 and did one or two tattoos…is that working?) the same convention and she had the rock star attitude down just fine! Watched her tell two little 5/6 yr old girls she “didnt have time” to give them an autograph. Then pushed her way past them. Why? She was too busy going up to the the artist’s lounge so she could drink some more & pass out afterwards!

    I’m tired of all the tattoo “reality” shows. Give me a good, old fashioned, down to earth artist any day, like the one who apprenticed me! If I have to listen to one more customer start off with, “Oh, you’re a girl like KVD, is she the reason you got into tattooing?” I will not be responsible for my actions! I was tattooing long before the media whore showed up, and the comparison is NOT a compliment!

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