This Terrible Affliction

Look, I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going through the mind of someone when they decide to get a tattoo that combines Mario Brothers monsters with the worst toilet in Scotland (courtesy of Trainspotting), but whatever it is, I am so, so glad it’s there.

“I have a customer who loves ridiculous tattoos,” says the artist, Kelly Doty at Turnpike Tattoo in Meriden, Connecticut, “which is great, because I love doing ridiculous tattoos.” She calls this one, strangely enough, “the majestic venus poop trap, found in its natural habitat.” Keep it up.

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8 thoughts on “This Terrible Affliction

  1. That’s great. And it’s def. the pipe dwelling plant thingies from Mario Bros., not Audrey II.

  2. This is actually my tattoo, and I highly recommend Kelly, though I don’t believe she’s at Turnpike Tattoo anymore.

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