Full Coverage: Links From All Over (July 16, 2009)


[Telegraph.co.uk] As time progresses, it’s no secret that body modification is becoming more and more accepted by the public at large. This is not without its pitfalls, of course; as more people engage in these acts, some feel the culture becomes more diluted and perhaps not quite as meaningful or special. Whether or not one agrees with this sentiment, it’s by no means an invalid concern, but a larger percentage of people taking an active interest in body modification seems to be one of the trade-offs of having it become more acceptable across society. And, even if one isn’t thrilled by the prospect of a widespread commodification of body modification, it stands to reason that, at the very least, it should be seen as a largely positive thing when it’s normalized to the point that the “freak-show” element is, for the most part, a non-issue.

And then some moron like this comes along and, like every Tyler Perry movie, sets the group back a few hundred years.

Hey, meet 39-year-old Gavin Paslow, a.k.a Diablo Delenfer, which means, “devil from the inferno.” Fun! He was a security guard, but then he defrauded the government for thousands of pounds to receive health benefits that he then in turn used to pay for body modification procedures (implants, tongue splitting, etc.) to make him look like the devil, and now he is a schmuck convict living on house arrest and doing nothing to combat the image of our fair community as Satan-worshipping criminals. Yay.

He took the money while working variously for a security company, two separate recruitment firms and as a self employed guard

The wannabe demon, of Seasalter, near Whitstable, Kent, was this week banned from leaving his house at night – after being slapped with a curfew from 5pm to 5am every day. He was also fitted with an electronic tag.

Prosecutor Mark Hutchings told Cantebury Magistrates Court how Paslow had stolen cash to fund medical procedures.

He pleaded guilty to seven offences of failing to promptly notify the Department for Work and Pensions of a change in circumstance that he knew would affect his benefit claims.


JPs heard Delenfer defrauded a total of £3552.98 of benefits including £322.92 of housing benefit, £110.61 of council tax benefit and £3119.45 of income support between 28 September 2007 and 29 September 2008.

Look, we here at BME have no problem whatsoever with Satan, nor with people who choose to look like him in some manner, as long as such goals are achieved using one’s own funds. That is to say, feel free to get yer devil on, but try not to steal in order to pay for the necessary procedures, got it, you goof?

Speaking outside court said: “Obviously, there aren’t many people who look like me and some might be a bit taken aback,” he said.

“But other people realise I’m an almost normal human being in other ways and the kids love it,” he said.

Ha ha, because Satan is for the children, you see. Step aside, Wu-Tang!

[BILD] And it is not just devil doppelgangers corrupting our delightful youth, either! Famous soccer person David Beckham, also known for getting all tattooed up like the dark lord himself, is setting a terrible example for his children, who now also want to grow up to be Wiccans or whatever.

David Beckham’s sons are desperate to get tattoos like him. The British soccer star – who has boys Brooklyn (10), Romeo (6) and four-year-old Cruz with wife Victoria Beckham – has revealed his children are so impressed with his body art they are keen to copy it. He said: “One of them said to me recently, ‘How old do I have to be before I get my first tattoo?’ I was like, ‘A lot older than you are now!’”

Apparently Becks hasn’t heard of reverse psychology! Now his kids are doomed, doomed, and it is all his fault. May as well just sign ‘em over to the LaVey estate and be done with it. Tell them to keep an eye on their wallets, though; that new security guard over there has some sticky fingers.

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24 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (July 16, 2009)

  1. “reverse psychology”?

    i hope you aren’t suggesting that’s a valid phrase which means anything

  2. You’re right, reverse psychology doesn’t mean anything… *wink*

  3. i saw this clown in The Sun today. I dont mean to be a prick but this is the sort of thing that gives bod mod a bad name. A guy who doesnt work, using his benefits for bod mod procedures………….

    Implants and tongue splitting are relatively unheard of in the UK without idiots like this giving them a bad name….

    i dont mean to have a go at the guy. if he worked to earn his money then he could spend it on whatever the hell he wants, whether that be body modifications or chocolate fucking teapots…….

    but the fact that he is using hard working, tax payers money (that includes me!) to fund his modifications just paints the whold modifficcation in a bad light (IMO)

    love to you all x

  4. Read about him in the Metro yesterday and promptly raged to my co-workers. What a great way to promote the lesser-known mods to the UK general public. What a tool!

  5. He may be a twat or not, I don’t know him and niether do you, but ripping off the government to fund body modifications is a noble endeavour. Why should you work for your money when you can steal from a government that does nothing but steal from it’s people anyway? His only mistake was getting caught. He’s a pirate, you’re promoting wage slavery. He’s a rebel, you’re a bunch of drones. He’s robin hood stealing from the rich (the government) and giving to the poor (himself).

  6. I agree with James s (#5)

    Boff sounds like one of those 16 year old anarchy kids trying to “rebel” against society and their parents.

    Anyway as for the dude above, I’m not gonna lie, when I saw his photo I just started laughing. He looks absurd, the mods so do not suit him. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for saying that, but whatever.

  7. im with james s and vomit, i work/worked blood hard to earn what ever money i can, yes i clame job seakers, because i am entitled, and yes some money does go on body mods, but its all a bit of a back burner because things like rent, and food take 1st, but i wouldnt go stealing money that wasnt mine, its wrong,

    and boff, grow up, this government pays for quite alot, steal from them, and things go tits up and why? because their isnt the money, stealing is stealing, dosnt matter who or what from, when you start paying taxes (i have the feeling your mummy and daddy do that) you will understand something, the big bad world is a hard place, and you have to pay your way, you dont and its illegal, and you WILL get in trouble for it, you can claim anything you are entitled to, by all means, but that normaly means you have to pay taxes.

    so boff, their not “stealing” from what we have erant, its called taxing, it pays for just about most things that you dont pay for right from your own £10 a week pocket money

    so we are not as you put “drones” we are law abiding tax paying good desent people. grow up



  9. “I guess this just shows no one is immune for being found out for benefit fraud – even if he resembles the Prince of Darkness.”

    LOL I have to say, for once that was a pretty decent, unbiased article that I don’t think will incite hate against the mod community. Anyone else curious as to what the Daily Mail might have to say on the subject? XD

  10. hey, thanks for responding to my comment guys. i am not 16 years old (although i do look young for my age) nor do i receive £10 pocket money (it’s £5). On behalf of myself and anyone else out there who has or has ever had a fraudulent benifit claim I’d like to say big THANK YOU! to all the honest tax payers out there.

    peace and love.

  11. stealing from a corp. to get advanced mods?

    i say CHEERS!!
    thats freakin’ awesome!

    at least he wasnt stealing from old ladies and regular people like Bernie Madofff…

  12. Um is it just me or are his horns lopsided? Looks to me like he didn’t steal enough money to get a decent job done. Also have some commitment and get your damn face tattoo’d red.

  13. ugh, he has really bad teeth, ripping off the govt or whatever, he should have put the money he got towards fixing those things first…..

  14. he gives other bod modders a bad name.

    his horns do look lopsided Sick, but that could also be the angle the pic was taken at – and i thought if ear pointing was done properly…they didnt come undone???

  15. It’s good to see a completely erroneous story regurgitated third hand, All of Mr.Paslow’s alterations were paid for with monies he received in compensation for a back injury several years ago. He then obtained a security license and became a club doorman where he was much in demand due to his appearance The fraud charges relate to the fact that he continued to claim benefits once employed and none of that money was used for any modification.
    It seems that news hungry hacks thought it would be more sensational to connect the fraud with his appearance once they encountered him at the courts…another case of not letting the facts get in the way of a good story,

    While the fraud was clearly wrong the only reason this seems to have been latched onto by right wing Nazis is because they can make some desperate misguided link to Christian sensibilities while arguing against fundamental Christian principles.

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