I Want To Forget

We’ve previously praised this young lady’s asymmetrical decisions, and even though she’s removed some jewelry, she’s just lovely, isn’t she? And would you believe our luck? She’s included a whole set of photos for us to peruse! We don’t know much of anything about this mystery woman, but hey, we’d rather have images with mystique than nothing at all, right? Right.

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20 thoughts on “I Want To Forget

  1. the first and third photos aren’t terribly flattering. I don’t think she looks better or worse without the rest of the piercings, she looked good either way, its just different.

  2. somehow the first one reminds me of some of Cindy Sherman’s works.
    Means: looks good and interesting.

  3. I really dont bother commenting anything cuz VOMIT always takes the words right out of my mouth. I especially dislike the last photo. looks like she has no top lip. but the second one is hott 🙂

  4. a) Somebody get her jewellery back in. Right now.
    b) Hot anyway.
    c) 3rd pic is UBER HOT.

  5. omg! it`s me in the photos! i can`t believe i`ve been featured here!!! omg thank you thank you thank you for all the nice comments!

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