Falsity to Truth

And here we have the lovely Hydra! Unfortunately, she’s only showing off a single head, but, hey, it’s a good one, right? Credit the piercings and the tattoo (which, naturally, features a hydra’s head popping off) to the good folks at Freedom Body Piercing and Tattooing in Vernon, British Columbia, and the tattoo in particular to Troy Semkiw. More after the jump? More after the jump.

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39 thoughts on “Falsity to Truth

  1. @5: Wow, that’s rude.

    She’s fucking stunning. I’ve had an internet creeper crush on her for a while now. <3

  2. She’s so cute! And rockin a kickass tattoo to boot. Didn’t scroll all the way down at first, what a lovely surprise!

  3. Yeah this is my best friend. No big deal. She’s hot in every single way. I’ve touched those nips.

  4. This place is full of wannabe porn stars. WTF has the first pic got to do with the second? She just wanted as excuse to get her tits out. Gross.

  5. @14, 5 – And you felt the need to comment on that? Pretty rude… She posts pictures of all kinds because she’s proud of her body and proud of the art that adorns it, as she should be. Your kind of negative comments say more about you than the person they’re directed towards. My internet crush on Hydra will continue for a LONG time!:)

  6. @ Vern–”Burn her at the steak???” Do you mean “Burn her at the stake,” as in the wooden stake that witches used to be tied to before being burned alive, or do you just have some sort of strange pyromaniac food fetish?

  7. Wouldn’t have minded seeing the rest of her sleeve, certainly not complaining about the tits though.
    Can’t help but mention that the un-finished hydra head sorta looks like trogdor but does anyone know if her nipple piercings had any trouble healing?

  8. yaaay 🙂 every time i see her update, i run, er click, to her page! shes one of the purdiest girls on IAM, imo!

  9. Number 5 just embarassed himself. nothing to sweat over. lol. she is beautiful and we all know it. and those boobies are delicious……excuse me..lol.

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    I just wanna thank all of you who have commented on this, I am above and beyond grateful for all your kind words. =D

    Even the two who’ve called me a “fried egg tittayed wannabe pornstar”, it really doesn’t bother me. You can’t expect to post yourself on the internet without getting some negative remarks once in awhile. That’s just how things work 😛

    I know I don’t have a full photo of my sleeve yet, mostly because it’s very far from finished and i’ve been trying to merely show off the parts that are completed in a lot of my photos. But one day, i assure you all. and as for my nipples, they healed very well to be honest. I’ve had them for about two years and i’ve never experienced any difficulties with them. I ruv dem rots<3

    now…trogdor…that is just so fucking awesome…even though Trogdor is the most gibbled dragon ever to exist. I am defiantly naming that one particular Hydra head Trogdor now.

    “he’s a wing-a-ling dragon”

  11. I think its funny how the majority of the comments are just people praising her for her looks or her decision to take her top off, and not the quality of her mods. She has nice piercings and a pretty face, but if i wanted to see that i would look in a mirror, not on modblog.


  13. woo, hydra is a babe. =) being comfortable with your body and using it to get attention, oh noez! surprise! women have been doing it for YEAAAAAAARS. granted not all of them would readily admit to it but most know how to use femininity to their advantage. props to us, life is too short to be a prude. get over it, imo. no one makes you look.

    *runs away before she gets flamed by miserable e-haters and angry feminists*


  14. Hydra is beautiful, and makes me wish I had diagonal nip piercings instead of horizontal. 🙂

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