Always a Bloody Owl

Whoa hey, it’s Countess Grotesque, checking in with one hell of a hearty mohawk, among other lovely adornments! Those adornments being, of course, the various symbols and insignia tattooed on her head and neck, not to mention a (to my eyes) damn-near flawless make-up-and-jewel job. Also? Bright green fishnets. What’s that song again? “My Stockings Are So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”? Something like that.

Oh, you’d like another picture? We’ve got you covered. Guess where to find it.

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30 thoughts on “Always a Bloody Owl

  1. If only I could get my makeup and hair that flawless..

    I’m doomed to mediocrity!

  2. i have the exact same heart tattooed on my wrist. the one in the center of her shoulders… it’s probably my fav of my whole arm… you guys are major downers…

  3.’s a damn shame that girl doesn’t choose to have tattoos that represent what others think is beautiful, eh?
    Sounds pretty familiar..outside of BME.
    I like her tattoos, and am impressed by the height on that ‘hawk. I can’t even get my hair to stand up when it’s only a few inches.

  4. I love the tats! My husband wants the Manson heart on his inner elbow.
    I wish I could get my make up to look like that!
    How do you get your hair to stick up like that so perfectly?
    It doesn’t look all nasty with gel like most hawks do.
    I like the smaller gauged jewelry hanging from the larger tunnel.
    Love it!
    Not to mention the fact that her hair is PLATINUM! Love love love it!
    Wish I could look as cool but it will NEVER happen.

  5. Eat Me, Drink Me heart?

    she’s so pretty! I wish people looked like that here in Cambridge!

  6. Eat Me, Drink Me heart?

    she’s so pretty! I wish people looked like that here in Cambridge!

  7. Awwww. I absolutely love the Manson heart! She is gorgeous! Anything for a girl with a big hawk!

  8. Aaah Countess Grotesque. She has the most gorgeous surface piercings (well you can’t see them in these photos) they always look so healthy and clean.

  9. Wow. She’s amazing. I love love love the colourful tats.

    But the thing I most want to know – how long’d it take to do that make-up? Not sure I’d have the patience.

    The mohawk thing – not sure what she uses, but some of the kids that come into our shop have hawks rivalling that one, and apparently the secret is PVA glue. That stuff you used to use as a kid at school, that came in massive tubs and you had to use for every project. Useless as glue – great as hair gel though.

  10. i love the ladies with mowhawks…
    but why so often do they let the front go limp like some wet noodle?
    that always annoys me.


    Madly adore this girl, all her photos are flawless and stunning!

    Definitely check out her site!!! Or he deviantArt.

  12. Saara: Nah you can do it with mousse and hair spray provided you’re not severely asthmatic (I run when the hawking gets done).

    As for the Countess. One of the prettiest looking women on the Melbourne scene, but there are far more beautiful.

  13. There is Allot of photoshoping in these shots. I would like to see what she looks like without all the retouching?

  14. Actually, countess does NOT photoshop herself – she has no need to. She is beautiful both with AND without makeup. She is a skilled makeup artist, model and photographer – check out her website :)

  15. i like the heart symbol aesthetically but EMDM was a terrible album, something more worthwhile would have been the shock symbol imo even if not as “pretty” but: substance > appearance
    omega symbol isn’t half bad, i don’t like the placement though.

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