An Unspeakable Dawn

What’s that, ModBloggers? You’ve had a rough day and need a bit of a pick-me-up? Well, as luck would have it, here is the most mind-destroyingly adorable thing you’ve seen in a while. That up there would be Faye (previously), positioned next to a tattoo that looks a little familiar, wouldn’t you say?

My boy, Waldemar, made for Valentine’s Day this drawing of me (then still on paper). A couple of months later, when he was bored, he decided to tattoo his masterpiece on his upper leg.

There, isn’t that better?

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7 thoughts on “An Unspeakable Dawn

  1. For some reason I think this is one of my favorite tattoos I’ve seen on Modblog. So cute.

  2. that is awesomly adorable but if i were to get it i would put more detail into the eyes because she has amazing eyes

  3. I LOVE IT. The piercings on the tattoo kind of look like silver pimples, but besides that its absolutely adorable and sweet <33

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