Preparing Every Part For You

And finally, folks, here are some soothing suspension shots from the good people with Ascension Suspension. Up top (and, of course, after the jump) is the lovely Mindi Kaiser, swingin’ away, surrounded by birch trees in Jemez Springs in New Mexico, and captured in these beautiful photos by Melissa Shephard. It’s hard to imagine this wasn’t a great experience.

Until tomorrow, ModBloggers. In the mean time, all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

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12 thoughts on “Preparing Every Part For You

  1. I was there, it was gorgeous. Mindi was a badass! She threw her first 2 sets of hooks AND picked up 2 different people when she suspended!

  2. for some reason chad just seems to love to talk shit on here, huh??

    i think it looks beautiful. it must have been an amazing experience.

  3. I didn’t know they had birch trees in places like new mexico :s thought the scene looked more like something from Scandinavia.
    I love the setup of the first photo, stilled momentum.

  4. it was an amazing experience and i don’t hate myself thanks. mostly aspens not birch but still beautiful, tryin to go up there again inna few months when its a bit warmer

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