Your Tenderness Grows

Hey, it’s Friday finally! Let’s kick this sucker off with the very lovely “Anonymous German,” sporting numerous piercings (including six-month-old cheek piercings) by Linus at Serious Piercing in Bochum, Germany. After the jump, we go back in time, briefly, to a simpler era when her cheek piercings were only a day old and her chest tattoos were nowhere near as close to being finished. What a time to be alive.

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23 thoughts on “Your Tenderness Grows

  1. Not a big fan of tearing people down, but yeah, the color fading on the heart alone is embarassing.

    But she’s cute.
    So she gets posted.

  2. You know guys…the color fade on the heart might not be great, but don’t forget that that particular area of the chest gets a huge amount of motion, especially for the ladies. Just a contributing factor.

    It’s a little disjointed…but otherwise a good start to an old-schoolish chest piece. If she can get it a bit more connected.

    And just my two cents but: Holy beautiful lips and eyes batman.

  3. yall talkin bout her tattoo fading

    when you should be talking about her head to body ratio

    bitch looks like predator

  4. boy the wording around the diamond is horribly done, it’s not even at all. i had some badly done lettering in one of my tattoos, got that shit covered up quickfast. i’d recommend the same for her.

  5. The wording does look messed up and uneven…does it say “Never Forget” twice??
    There’s not much unison in the chest piece – it just looks like a bunch of stuff slapped together
    And I’m sure she’d look much cuter with a nice smile instead of pursed lips :-)

  6. I thought it said never forget twice, too.
    But then I realized it said Never Regret, Never Forget, and the R is just really really messed up.

  7. Or, actually, on third glance, maybe the R is made with one of the thorns or what not coming from that rose.
    Which doesn’t make it look any better, IMO.

  8. I think she’s gorgeous.
    Gosh modblog has really become a place for bashing other modifiers. It’s getting kinda sad :(

  9. I don’t like how disconnected her tattoos are. Her piercings however, look awesome and suit her face really well.

  10. egads should have left that emptiness open for later please…. I thought the pieces here were placed in reverse order based on quality. the text is wobbly and being eaten by the preexisting work. and that diamond is egregiously defying physics. cool phrase, why not give it the proper size maybe higher up? nothing here that can’t be enhanced/corrected/made more fluid but right now it just looks like she was desperate to have her chest filled in…

    not offensive, breaching awkward, nice piercings

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