Vigor And Variety

Ahoy-hoy, folks! Let’s start our Wednesday with this series of shots presided over by Pete Sheringham at The Piercing Urge in Melbourne, Australia, who, with the aid of some surgical staples, affixed this zipper to the mouth of, hmm, who is that, The Gimp? Probably not. Either way, fun! After the jump, zipper-mouth speaks, or is at least given the opportunity.

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31 thoughts on “Vigor And Variety

  1. crustache ftl, needs to not be left without the ability to lick his lips for so long :P

    but this is a cool idea.

  2. i doubt that there are staples involved …. because the sewaible part of the zipper is so big , it’s easy to just put it behind his lips …

  3. Yeah I highly doubt the zipper is actually attached to his mouth in any way. Regardless it looks cool, but I agree, chapstick yo!

  4. How I’d do it:

    One zipper, two cheek piercings.

    You clamp the zip to the insides of the cheeks with the labret backs, and then it’s just a matter of not opening your mouth too much.

  5. @ Vini, Vomit and Coffee.
    Rest assured this is real and there are staples holding it on.
    Procedural shots on my facebook.
    Peter Sheringham

    — and I thought my chapstick comment was original; boo. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt!


  7. the chapped lips just take everything away from the picture, you tought if they were lazy enough to not use chapstick they could just photoshopped it aswell.

  8. I live near the piercing urge. They look good and be been told they are too. I might get micro dermals done there

  9. Interresting, funny idea, but…. his lips dry out. Maybe he should use a lip gloss.

  10. nice pete!
    how long is he planning on having that in his mouth? are the staples easily removable?

  11. Yeah tell me about it. I can’t remember what was going on but I kept putting on chapstick and my lips kept drying out that week. That aside to preempt some questions…

    Food was consumed via a funnel ie. soup
    No felatio was performed as i would’nt of been good at it
    Drinking beer was unhindered
    The application of staples is a different kind of uncomforatble

    So yeah I should’ve put in a bit more effort, ie finding the underlying cause of never ending cracked lips and my inability to shave but work was full on.

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