I Hold The Wound

And here we have the steely gaze of the very lovely, very stoic Anonymous Swede! (Probably not her real name.) Sharp piercings, pleasant symmetry and the always appreciated dark hair/blue (green? hazel?) eyes combination? That’ll work for us!

(Septum pierced at 16-gauge by Stefan at Sailor Steve’s in Visby, Sweden, and self-stretched to eight-gauge.)

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27 thoughts on “I Hold The Wound

  1. <3 symmetry. plus, shes gorgeous to boot! I don’t know what criteria makes the moderators post some things over others, but this is one of those times when I think they’re doing a great job… thanks Jordan. Good judgement.

  2. The title of this post makes me think of Slip Kid by The Who (from Who By Numbers). I’m not sure if it was intentional, or if I’m missing a different reference. D’: I hope it’s a Who reference. <3

    I love the symmetry of her piercings. They frame her face beautifully.

  3. Jordan: Holy shit, biggest brainfart of my existence. I shouldn’t be lurking modblog when running on no sleep, haha. I realized right after I posted it that I screwed up the title (and proceeded to curse vehemently).

    That said, I love you for making a Who reference. 😀 <3

  4. She looks just like the girl that made my septum about a year ago at Igor’s in Oulu, Finland. Or maybe that’s her… 🙂

  5. If that were me, I’d remove the septum ring – or downsize it to something a lot more delicate – all the others are so small and lovely that it just looks a little out of place.

    But it’s not me. I don’t have anywhere near a pretty enough face to carry off something like that.


  6. @Shmugle-

    i dont understand this fad of photoshopping peoples mods out… its a wee bit creepy to me…

  7. @Lauren
    True. It has something to do with boredom. And it isn’t fun anymore to “photoshop” my own mods. Next time I’ll put a warning in front of the link

  8. To add to her obvious good looks, she also pierced my lip a week and a half ago and did a great job too! <3

    Also Josefin, if you read this – i stalk you on Modblog kk. No hating.

  9. I like how symmetrical her face turned out. I’ve seen a lot of similar piercings but the over all result looked way off. I’ve actually got two tongue bars, one in front of the other but the rear is a bit off. I can’t change it so I try to keep it hidden for the most part. Geesh. It pays to pay someone who knows how to do it properly.

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