Guess What? “Wednesdays Are For Lovers” Edition

Welcome back, folks, to America’s most influential literary salon, Guess What?, where your dreams have the room to soar as high as possible. This is actually a two-parter—even after the much anticipated click-through above, it’s entirely possible that the full story of just what exactly is going on may still be a mystery. If that’s the case, then perhaps you’ll fancy some context, after ye olde jump. But don’t cheat if you don’t have to! The first person to guess correctly wins A WHEELBARROW FULL OF PUPPIES!*

*Offer not valid.

There it is! For those of you who guessed, “Excellently healing full-length subincision with a piercing at the base of the split,” you win! Congratulations, you lucky devils.

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See more in Full Subincision (Subincision & Genital Splitting) (members only)

28 thoughts on “Guess What? “Wednesdays Are For Lovers” Edition

  1. I guessed the piercing…. sorta.
    The subincision was a bolt out of the blue though

  2. I was so confused about ‘the botched fourchette piercing’ then clicked the other link and nearly wet myself with excitement. More sub-incisions please!

  3. You had me stumped! Once I clicked through, showing the photo to my unmodified boyfriend caused him to make the best confused/frightened face I’ve ever seen in my life. I love you, BME.

  4. Coulda sworn it was a fourchette that kinda missed its mark, but surprise! It’s a penis! It’s always a penis! Silly me, shoulda known by now! Heheehe.

  5. Okay… and the point of posting a horribly pixelated photo of some poor skin was?
    I don’t see the point of even bothering to post the second one.

  6. noticed the man hands in the first click through but figured it was just a boyfriend… helping out? this is too good.

  7. I don’t know how it can be possible to see a pussy on the 1st photo…! (you need to revise woman’s anatomy, look at more porn, or just have more sex lol). Nice pic ;).

  8. I was wondering how some could see a vagina. Didn’t seem like that at all.
    And wow…
    Just, wow.

  9. Yeah that top picture doesn’t even remotely look like a vagina…
    Didn’t see the sub coming though (no pun intended)

  10. Hey, as someone with a vagina, I can tell you
    pull the skin around on the lower part of a vag enough, cover up the right parts, and that could have definitely looked like a vagina.

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