Even When I Lie

Hot on the heels of this outstanding flesh-removal piece from earlier in the week, we turn the spotlight once again to Jimmy Xayyabanha at Straight A Tattoos in Asheboro, North Carolina, who, apparently, is just killing it right now. I apologize if this is a recognizable profile on whose identity I’m blanking, but either way, this is one of the finer pieces of scarification portraiture we’ve seen in a while.

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16 thoughts on “Even When I Lie

  1. That’s nuts, interested to see how the ridged lines of her hair will look all healed together.

    Great work, Guess I’m gonna have to head to NC soon…

  2. thats the prettiest scarifications ive ever seen :D and it is very well done.
    it must hurt like a bitch though D:

  3. Fuck Sailor Jerry? Let’s see your massive contribution to furthering the art of tattooing, to the point where you are even influencing things like high end scarification long after death…

  4. im going to have to jump on the fuck sailer jerry bandwagon. im not saying that he wasnt a part of history, just that his designs werent that good. for their time maybe, but now its like putting a model a next to a gallardo

  5. the images may be primitive, but they are effective. they work for tattoos, and you can tell what you are looking at from across the street. not that you cats aren’t entitled to your opinions on the matter, but I can recall thinking it was cheesy and shitty at one time, when I first started to learn to tattoo, and at that time i should have had my ass kicked for saying so.

    also, this is in fact sailor jerry flash. the effectiveness of it as a scarification peice just goes to further my point.,

  6. Damn thats pretty damned swanky for NC, especially considering how close it is. A hidden little gem indeed.

  7. I’de prefer a sweet model a actually.

    Sailor jerry designs are cool, old school stuff. fuck haters

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