Marmalade And Manner

Well hey, if it isn’t our old friend Alex, last seen around these parts showing off his then-newly stretched vertical lowbrets. This time around, he’s sporting a month-old 6 mm. scalpelled medusa, in addition to some sort of delicious meat jewelry dangling from his ear. Once everyone gets tired of splitting their lobes and whatnot, could THIS be the hot new trend that sweeps the nation? I certainly hope so.

And holy hell, it’s Friday, ModBloggers. The names can be changed, but the place is still the same.

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27 thoughts on “Marmalade And Manner

  1. His medusa is yummy! Love his vertical lowbrets also.

    Skin sooo oily. Makes me think he rubbed his face on that sausage.

  2. @4 His skin is oily’? Really?
    Why do people go so far out of their way to say something negative? Oh wait, it’s ok because it was preceded by compliments, right?

    Entertaining picture.

  3. 3 – Because everyone else’s lobes look perfect all the time.

    This man is a poster boy for meat-eating. Makes me want a steak.

  4. #3 fickle –

    that’s a sausage.

    #13 dangerbitch -

    life in general makes me want to eat steak, yum yumm yummmmmm cow…….

  5. Looks like he’s pushing a damn turd out his ear


    Guy needs to get a new hobby

  6. Thin or angry lobes? I just can’t understand people who complain when they see slightly red lobes (his lobes are slightly pink, but not unhealthily so) or about people’s lobes being thin. I’d want to see your lobes, and try to understand what your standards are. It wouldn’t even be possible for me to stretch my lobes that big (even if I took excellent care of them and went at a slow pace), as I don’t have enough meat on my lobes. As long as the lobes aren’t too thin (as in in danger of splitting) or unhealthy, then it should be all good.
    Also making such random comments as “shave!” or “skin sooo oily”… as the commenter about the oily skin was a girl (or I assume, based on the name, sorry if I turn out to wrong and offend someone, don’t stone me), I’d like to remind you that most guys don’t use powder or other make-up to hide oily skin. And I think it’s more the flash that’s making his skin look slightly oily.
    *rant over*
    All his piercings still look happy, and he looks yummy. He made my day better, at least :).

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