Pain’s Easiest Salve

Shh, quiet down out there. Can’t you see Anjelica’s trying to get some sleep? Yeah, we know she’s standing up. So? You’ve never slept standing up? You’re missing out, Cheech. Know who else slept standing up? Ever heard of a little group referred to as astronauts? Exactly. (Stop talking, Jordan! Oh, alright.) Anyhow, this photo comes by way of the very talented Jason from Gorilla Glass, who also contributed these shots of Peck earlier in the week. After the jump, another from the series, this time featuring a topless James Weber, president of ye olde APP. Enjoy!

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26 thoughts on “Pain’s Easiest Salve

  1. Angelica is so beautiful,her facial tattoo makes her even more gorgeous to me, definetly one of the best executed facial/neck pieces I’ve seen around.

  2. she is so beautiful, i love her tattoos. especially the stripe running down her face 😀

  3. that speaks volumes about you sir that you eat at Mcdonalds,but she wouldnt need to work there shes a skilled entertainer, why dont you do some research before judging someone & posting stupid comments!

  4. White Knight; because if you defend the camwhore she will have sex with you.

    Still, I wonder what would possess someone to destroy half their face with something as played out as tribal…

  5. I wonder what she did to her eyebrows? would like to see close-up, never saw this before. looks awesome! me like

  6. Insectavora! she used to have many many many eyebrow piercings all in a row, is what happened to her eyebrows. i worked with her briefly at Cassioppia Tattoo and Piercing in the west village in Manhattan. an incredibly nice lady. and gorgeous.

  7. Tribal tattooing has been around for thousands of years & it will never be played out, this is just an excellent example of it really fitting the face & going with a theme that works.Most people who say negative commets here are just jealous & dont have the guts to be who they want or maybe there just bi trolla ha.If I defend someone its because I’m tired of the negativity surrounding facial tattoing & other extreme mods.If you get your kicks insulting people maybe you should take a look in the mirror & see the real tragedy.

  8. Aww her name is Anjelica; just like me minus an L. 😛 but that looks amazing. i love the tattoos on her brows

  9. Encouraging when the owner of the piercing shop you go to is the President of the Association of Professional Piercers.

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