Complication With My Complication

Continuing on with today’s trend of featuring folks who surely complain about the heat much less than I do, here we have xFABIx, coming live and direct (?) straight from Natal, Brazil. What’s not to like here, folks? Lovely model, healthy piercings all over the damn place, clean tattoo work, a nice set of subtle implants—if this isn’t doing it for you, Dr. Ginsberg recommends you check yourself for heat stroke, which you almost surely have.

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32 thoughts on “Complication With My Complication

  1. are the implants in her arm? damn those are subtle! very nice model , piercings, and tats! wish i could see more of the graff in the background!!!!

  2. Ya know, I didn’t even notice her eyebrows until I read the tags…But now that you mention it they do look like they were drawn on with crayon.

  3. I want to say that it looks like the neck piercings are two vertical piercings, neat look however they were done. I love the look of one arm being covered in artwork and the other arm being blank.

  4. i will comment on her eyebrows
    just because when i see a pretty browless girl
    it makes me want to shave mine off and start drawing them on again

  5. wow, not as negative as I thought it was going to be. surprised. three out of 14 are on bme. THAT does not surprise me though.

  6. #16 – Just because we don’t link to our pages, doesn’t mean we’re not on IAM. :)

  7. Her eyebrows are cholatastic! She is total frida kahlo. Sans the brow thing o’ course.

  8. It took me a couple of minutes to find the implants! And I have several matching scars on my own chest like her teeny ones :)

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