Tattoo Hollywood, Day Three: The Search For Curly’s Gold

And here we are, folks—photos from the the third and final day of Tattoo Hollywood. Forthcoming will be our final thoughts on the event and interviews, but until then, enjoy the pictures (and my charming pithy commentary, of course). Buy the ticket, take the ride—after the jump.

This is so realistic, it just told me it just got out of a serious relationship and isn’t ready to date anyone yet.

This is Gene from Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn, New York. He came to the convention with Martin, currently guesting at the shop by way of Austria. When we found out there was going to be a Bar Mitzvah happening on Saturday night in the hotel, your editor suggested bringing over Martin to offer to tattoo their son (“Vas is his birthday? Ve vill tattoo ze number on his arm”), but this was roundly rejected on account of being offensive on every possible level. Then we realized it was actually a Bat Mitzvah, not a Bar Mitzvah. All in all, a good showing for your editor. We should not be allowed out in public.

“Do I look like a man who’s got time to just sit around and get one tattoo at a time? Come on. Gimme the deuce.”

One of our award winners!

New rule: Tattoos inspired by The Warriors get featured on ModBlog, no matter what. Hopefully, all future entries will be as ridiculously good as this one.

More tattooers should wear smocks/aprons, we think. That, combined, with the lighting, makes this seem like it was done in a 1950s machine shop. We like that.

Homina homina.

Photos by Phil Barbosa, Thaddeus Brown and Jen Savage.

32 thoughts on “Tattoo Hollywood, Day Three: The Search For Curly’s Gold

  1. That skull is insanely good, the shading especially! Who did it?
    Would like to see more of their work!

  2. I stared at the Warriors tat for almost a minute.
    I stared at that skull for at least five.

  3. The skull…I just can’t stop staring at it. The eye sockets just seem to be staring at you in all their emptiness.

  4. Alot of great work in this post, I’m guessing most comments will be centered around that skull back piece….as they should be cause that is just plain bad ass

  5. thats a lie, my warriors tattoo was not featured! /fake saltiness

    everything looks amazing.

  6. :D These are all so great and I guess I’ll add to the long list of yea-sayers: That skull is fantastic!

    I love the award sleeve. Very cool.

  7. No doubt. The skull IS amazing…you could fall into it’s depths. A real artist behind that one and probably one of the most striking pieces of skin art I’ve ever seen.

  8. credit where credit is due:

    the Japanese style kame-no-koh style backpiece is by Bill Canales, owner of Full Circle Tattoo in SanDiego, CA (Ocean Beach)

  9. To the gentleman getting both hands tattooed…sir, I love you. I wish to bestow many high fives upon you.

    Awesome photos.

  10. i am pretty sure the baseball furies tat is by Mike Devries, who works somewhere in CA

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  13. The huge skull backpiece was done by an artist named Bill Carlson who works out of Big Bear Tattoo in Big Bear Lake California. Also see Big Bear Call (909) 866-8014 if you are interested in getting some of his amazing work for yourself.

  14. My name is Mike, the large skull backpiece belongs to me. The tattoo was done by Bill Carlson at Big Bear Tattoo in Big Bear Lake, CA. We did it in one sitting in 10 Hrs. I would like to Thank Bill for the badest fucking skull backpiece on the planet!!!!!!

  15. it’s cool to see so many people giving props to BILL CARLSON for his amazing black and grey skull back piece. I have some of his work too and I LOVE it! Check out his work at

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