Gettin’ Soggy

Well, look who it is! The last time we featured the very lovely La Negra, there was lots of talk about breasts, real and fake, and the various societal consequences of such unnatural mammarial extensions. Well, she has clearly just been shedding nipples left and right since then, as evidenced above in this shot by Martin Del Pozo taken backstage after a performance at Club Namunkura in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Do we still cherish her now that she is so painfully regular, with only her God-given nipples in place? Yes. Yes we do.

See more in 3D-Art Implants (Implants) (members only)

22 thoughts on “Gettin’ Soggy

  1. i agree she is beautiful w/ bangs (then again she is always beautiful) but i do like seeing her horns

  2. Always stunningly beautiful! I think it would take more than a few implants showing up or disappearing to alter the beauty this magnificent woman represents !

  3. hey hey!!
    nipples are just nipples jajaja

    thanks jordan for this modblog…was a great time at club namunkura

    for those one who like my neck – check iam Nazareno – hi have amazing art done

    Rach – ask to Diablo Organics for them..they are so so so amazings and confortabel

    Amiguita Angelita – <3

    factorygirl – <3 i think the same of you

  4. Our very own <3
    Not only is she pretty but also really nice in person
    And the performance was really cool too =)

  5. Im kinda glad the new nipples are gone; they were a cool novelty but to me didnt quite fit her overall look; super hot momma tho! whew! I would LOVE to meet her!

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  7. Chad-
    Seriousally? Have you ever seen Amanda Lepore? She looks /nothing/ like this one.
    I think La Negra is beautiful, I think Amanda Lepore is Beautiful (In her own, strange way), but the two look nothing a like. Only think that have in common is that they’ve modified their bodies, but in very different ways.

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