Tumbling Through The Trees

My, what a shocking turn of events! The hell-box your editor uses to accomplish various daily feats of ModBloggery has decided to poop itself repeatedly today, resulting in more cursing than usual here at headquarters in addition to the throbbing forehead vein of doom. Anyway! Things have (hopefully?) sorted themselves out somewhat, but we think it best to ease ourselves back in gradually, starting with Aleksandra’s calming floral sleeve by Toffi at Ink-Ognito in Rybnik, Poland. And…breathe.

14 thoughts on “Tumbling Through The Trees

  1. That is truly stunning work!! I wonder if the tattoo artist speak English.. I would gladly travel
    to Poland to get ink like this:D

  2. yes,he’s speaking english, I’m owner of tattoo from his hands, he’s absolutely fantastic and he’s one from the best tattoo-artist in Poland, so don’t wait and book a tattoo;]

  3. stunning.

    i’ve always loved flowers… worked as a florist too…just never had the guts to get anything floral or un-manly tattooed on myself though

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