That Beautiful Bump

And here we have Philadelphia’s own Shan, there in the foreground, sporting nightmarish 2 3/4-inch bling tunnels with some poor woman’s head trapped inside for all eternity, we assume. She’s crying for help in a futile effort to free herself, but no, this will be the extent of her fishbowl existence. This is pretty much the worst mushroom trip we’ve ever had, basically.

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24 thoughts on “That Beautiful Bump

  1. Me and my girlfriend went to infinite the other day to buy some new jewelry and they were so rude and condescending to us that we walked out extremely disappointed, with no jewelry!

  2. personally, i’ve never had a bad experience with anyone at infinite, other than one of the piercers who’s a bit abrasive. but the people who work there are usually really helpful as long as you go in there knowing what youre talking about or willing to consider their advice… not to say that you werent like that, but i swear that infinite is really an awesome place!

  3. Pure sexy.

    I was just looking at this picture earlier today. I knew it was gonna end up on modblog!

  4. The only people I have ever heard of having a bad experience at Infinite are people that don’t know what they are talking about, don’t listen to educated advice, and feel like they should be pandered to.

  5. Nice!!!!!! Makes my 1/2 inch bling look like those spinner hubcaps from wal mart, must get bigger ones!

  6. Look at this LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwuahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaa


    luv ya shan

  7. HEY, nice to see that guy. i have the savage tattoo magazine short with the full page of him. nice to see an updated pic.

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