Quicker Than Dust

**wakes up**

**cleans self**

**puts on clothes and fall jacket**

**goes outside**

**melts immediately**

What’s that, summer? You’re sticking around for a while and robbing me of the chance to break out my earth-toned autumnal clothing? Well, fine. I am just going to enjoy a frosty cool beverage, then. I’ll be waiting.

(Photo courtesy of anonymous benefactors in Slovakia.)

10 thoughts on “Quicker Than Dust

  1. I was uming and ahing about whether or not to get my lobes pierced at around 5mm..
    Now I am way more leaning towards hell yes.

  2. haha i do this specifically to freak people out when they’re being dicks about my piercings

  3. Epic win on her name “anonymoose” love it :) and you’re really cute.
    I like holding straws in my snakebites, people look at me even crazier.

  4. @ 2, 7

    Actually, Shaun, try piercing your ears and stretching naturally, you’ll have an easier time reversing your decision.

    And you will end up reversing your decision, since the picture of a girl (you don’t know) on a website (you don’t run) is what’s leading you to punch flesh from your ears and skip the natural process that would allow a natural result/return.

  5. Its not leading, its just influencing.

    I have researched it more than most and arent rushing off to do it because of the picture.
    I would never stretch further than 5-6mm so I doubt I will have a need to let them close.

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