Take a Piece

Good day, gentle ModBloggers! Hope the weekend treated you well. Let’s begin this Monday with Lilli and this terrifying chocolate dessert monster. Interestingly enough though, this cupcake is actually regulation-size—Lilli, on the other hand, is only eighteen inches tall. Visit her at HTC Body Piercing and see for yourself!

32 thoughts on “Take a Piece

  1. That’s a sweet picture, and after reading her bio on HTC I’ll make my answer as;
    I think pirates will win :-D

  2. This picture contains all of my favourite things:
    nice looking ladies with nice looking mods
    and cupcakes.

    I see that “go big or go home” applies to baked goods as well.

  3. the idea if there being a “regulation” size of cupcakes made me lol,

    This one sure does look tasty though

  4. holy shit!! big cupcake!!!! look at her face, you can’t be near something like that and not smile!!

  5. I want that cupcake

    & I really like the script in her sleeve
    I’ve been disliking script all together for a while but something about hers…
    It’s quite nice

  6. haha, she had so much trouble trying to open my 6g 3/8″ captive ring for my septum.
    HTC hated me that day.

  7. Haha! Oh look, it’s me. My handsome boyfriend Justin deserves 99% of the credit for this cupcake. I may have been the woman in the kitchen, but he was the mastermind behind the baking!

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