This Week in BME

And finally, folks, let’s conclude our week with the lovely Candace, who seems to have misplaced her top. Ha ha, klutz. Luckily, this gives us a nice vantage point from which to view her in-progress sleeve by Toronto’s own Derek Lewis. After the jump, our hero puts some damn clothes on.

And that’s the week, folks! What did we grudgingly accomplish post-Labor Day?

- An anonymous benefactor arrived sporting some pretty fantastic implants.

- This suspension was so nice, we would have liked to frame it. We were beaten to it.

- Danae + leather pants = welcome to ModBlog!

- Can you think of a better place to keep your various flora?

- Oh hey there is a big sale going on at BME Shop right now go buy lots of stuff please.

- We were a little jealous of Anna’s bowl, not gonna lie.

- Do not anger the Angry Owl God.

We may be around over the weekend, especially if all goes well and we’re able to post a wonderful and hilarious interview that we think you folks will really love. Either way, Monday morning, we gas this baby back up and get back to the usual grind. Until then, have fun, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME. Enjoy the weekend, folks.

BME Shop is having a huge sale — everything in the store (except anesthetics) is 25% off! Go stock up at before this deal ends!

19 thoughts on “This Week in BME


    “Fonz needs something to bark at.” I see through it all now. You’ll not pull the wool over these eyes any longer, Candace!

  2. god dammit Jordan, when you call every girl “lovely” it loses it’s pizazz. Buy a thesaurus jerk .

  3. lila, i don’t think she was saying anything against candace.
    The photography sucks, the subject is fine.

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