Fleeing the Scene

Oh, hello, and welcome back to Syringe Week here on The ModBlog, your source for the finest in syringe-related photography! Yesterday, we featured Autopsy and his nurse, kindly reviving his ghostly, cadaverous body. Today, such a miraculous turnaround is not required, as our model simply requires a little more color, and her religion forbids the use of lipstick (probably). A fine alternative, indeed!

(Piercings by Nick and Adam Stokes at The Piercing Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

22 thoughts on “Fleeing the Scene

  1. iiiii have a microdermal there too. excellent place, very little issues would reccomend. looks gorgeous on her

  2. A modified model using “cosmetic” modification, interesting. I remember the debates here about breast augmentation: a modification for modblog or not. Well, here the same question is posed. People with their ears pierced, or even gaged, will look down on an actress who uses collagen but when the choice is self-motivated, what is the difference?

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