One Way Or Another

So, we’ve featured Jusn (more) and Lilli (cupcake!) on here separately as of late, but, hey, it is a crime and an abomination to not show these kids off together. Sure, it’s not the same without someone’s dad being hoodwinked or some evil chocolate monster, but this is one handsome pair nonetheless. If you only let one photo on the internets melt your heart today, let it be this one.

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10 thoughts on “One Way Or Another

  1. Lilli and I just happened to be sitting next to one another when I opened this page. 🙂 We’re both stoked. I love her. And we miss you too, Blyan!

  2. This picture is from almost a year ago! And oldie, but a goodie.. Now that’s what love looks like. Thanks to his brother for taking this cutsie little photo! <3

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