Dreams Come True

And with that, ModBloggers, we bid adieu to Tuesday, with professional waver Bluetat doing said bidding on our behalf. What’s the secret to looking as happy as our friend up there, you ask? According to him: “Spend 13 years or so getting tattooed blue, then post stupid poses of yourself with a mannequin named ‘Baby-May-Sue’ on the Internet.” Hey, whatever works! If you’re going to try that, though, make sure you go to an artist as capable as Matt at Westside Tattoo in Westend, Queensland, Australia, who’s handled about 80 percent of what you see above—and also, what you see below. As in, you know, after the jump.

15 thoughts on “Dreams Come True

  1. Awww! I saw this picture awhile ago!

    I love the blue color he uses! Who DOESN’T need blue skin? 🙂

  2. reminds me of the sun-screen lotion back in the day that was one shade of colour! kids would run around all green or purple at the beach, it was awesome

  3. the ink is amazing!

    and I have heard quite well about your fish abilities!

    hope to pop in sometime soon

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