Oh, Balls

There’s a proud and storied tradition of steering apprentices towards amusing and potentially embarrassing tattoos (more), for loyalty’s sake, which is one of those traditions that rubs some people the wrong way, but, hey—as long as there’s no real coercion, a funny tattoo is a funny tattoo. Well! Aaron Chapman, the owner of and head artist at Eternal Ink in Madisonville, Kentucky, sends in this BME Pain Olympics-inspired tattoo, forever etched in place on the leg of his apprentice, Michael Agnew. That Pain Olympics video was a hoax (shh, don’t tell all the YouTube reaction-video participants!), but this? This is as real as it gets. Ha ha, balls.

13 thoughts on “Oh, Balls

  1. sweet tattoo and all… i was once an apprentice so i understand.. “funny tattoos”… but the pain olympics video a hoax? i am in utter confusion… when did this fact surface and who clarified this as fact?

  2. pain olympics is fake? i dont know about that one, got facts to back that up? people castrate themselves every day, someone was bound to film it. people also argue that 2girl1cup was fake, i guess theyve never seen scat porn.

  3. i do like bme but this fucking bull shit of bme pain oylimpics is just fucking stupid and wrong

    its encouraging this retarded behaver art my ass

  4. so the final round video is fake… hummm.. has anyone ever recorded the real pain olympics that go on at the sweet ass bme bbq? well anways.. thanx liam and nelson… i guess i should have taken the time to wikipedia it myself, but great people like ya’ll do that shit for lazy ass people like me… if shannon said it… i believe it… but wow.. awesome make up and fakery…

  5. Dean Farrar – the church is that way —->

    Leave your judgment of others there.

    For the rest of us, lol! Very cute tat, BALLS! Who couldnt smile when they saw that IRL 😉

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