Wave Back

Oh, hello! Here we have a startling dispatch from our anonymous Polish Carnival Operative, who checks in with this burning visual missive exposing the gross misconduct evident at th—oh, no, wait, it’s just her looking adorable and getting into various ride-related hi-jinks. (And since when did Smarties start making ear jewelry? We support this wholeheartedly, by the way.) After the jump, our friend up there has a chance encounter with a merry-go-round, and neither her nor any of our lives will ever be the same again.

15 thoughts on “Wave Back

  1. this tattoo was made on TattooFestival in Krakow, Poland and it’s Ed Pedromo piece (i’m sure in 99% ;] )

  2. her cheek piercings look super-tight! Are they supposed to be that indented, or is it just the angle? I feel like that would pinch, not to mention be asking for an infection…

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