The Final Mystery

As is the case sometimes, these photos were submitted without a name, but, as is also the case sometimes, they were just too good to sit on until claimed. Because really, what better way to kick off your lunch hour than with this handsome (albeit anonymous) devil? Zero-gauge nostrils, 7/16-inch flats and 2.5-inch lobes, all looking healthy as can be, all attached to this virile young specimen? If that isn’t a Halloween miracle, we don’t know what is. More after the jump.

64 thoughts on “The Final Mystery

  1. Oh goddamnit, I just saw these pictures like two days ago on either onetribe or bodyartforms or something and now I can’t remember where I found them! 😐

  2. those are the first stretch nostrils I’ve ever seen where I like the nose they’re on as well.. its stayed remarkably straight along the nostrils. LOVE it. Not to mention his face.. love that too!

  3. Aught.

    It’s aught gauge. Not “zero gauge”.

    Yeah, there’s a stick up there this morning.

  4. I can’t decide which of these I like most. The wood tunnel or one of the plugs.. Damn you, extremely attractive man for having attractive jewelry as well.

  5. Oh my, he looks like an adorable magical elf of some kind. I just want to feed him berries or something, so cute.

  6. i am pretty sure it’s just fine to say ‘zero gauge’. just because you like to have your own jargon to go over people’s heads with doesnt mean everyone has to.


    the symmetry here is amazing. even down to the moles on his frickin neck. i love it.

  7. Old timey southerners use ought. In fact, I think if you use said word, some denim overalls magically appear and a piece of straw pokes out of your mouth.

    As for the symmetry, I’m no so sure about the moles, as it’s hard to tell from the pictures. But I will agree that if they are symmetrical like the rest, it would be a big fat load of awesome.

  8. I saw these pictures awhile ago, and was like I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO BE ON MODBLOG.

    He is fucking adorable, great mods, great symmetry.

  9. Question. I have many mods. stretched lobes, almost full suit, so I am not an outsider lookin in.

    I stretched my lobes at 16 and now am almost 30.

    But he has really done irreversible mods to his face. I wonder how many people are going to slowly revert back to their old body as they age? I mean, that is allot of care involved in maintaining all that shit in your face. Also, as we get older we tend to care less about such things as being different. Just some thoughts on what happens as the years progess.

    I have just stepped down from 3/4″ to 1/2″ from sheer lazyness, they are much easier to take care of.

  10. not being bitchy, but how can a quarter inch difference in size of healed, stretched lobes make any difference in the care?

    and the subject at hand, very nice work he has, and he certainly is a cute one. his profile is very canine-looking to me, i find it extremely interesting!

  11. fuckkkkkkkking jealous. very nice symmetry, really aesthetically pleasing. gorgeous jewelry as well. not really a fan of cheek piercings, but they help create a really nice triangle shape when included with all of the other facial work. good stuff.

  12. I can’t really work out why but his nostrils and helix piercings just look like they’ve got large studs in them…perhaps its just the shadow or something.
    Although neither of the areas look stretched out of shape or in any way disturbed more than a piercing would.
    Maybe it’s just me?

  13. Extensive mods go hand and hand with the so called “edge” lifestyle because people in said lifestyle that like to whore it out are big fat attention whores.

  14. Oh HERRO!!! When will I ever get to fuck a man that has bigger lobes then me? And he has beautiful eyes…now all I want to see are his teeth =D I like Those random freckles on him too. haha

  15. I dont honestly think I have ever seen a more beautiful modified and handsome fellow
    with eyes like diamonds

    seriously wowed
    so utterly gorgeous

  16. can we stop correcting each others grammar and vocabulary and just fucking admire this gorgeous boy?

  17. @33

    I think your statement is completely ridiculous. My partner is now 34 and only just STARTING to stretch his lobe. If there’s one thing about age, it’s accepting that you’re different and not caring about others opinions.

  18. Pretty sure his Name is Nate, and he is the singer for on edge, awesome mods always a pleasure seeing his pics

  19. # 40 stephanie what the fuck is your problem.. you have a problem with every bodys chosen lifestyle, he is straitedge doesnt mean he’s an “attention whore” but apparently you are, you obviously know fuck all about life and your a single minded piece of shit.. how about you do every one a favour and go do something constructive like walking down a freeway or step in front of a bus.. so over critics on this site especially the ones that dont know a thing..

  20. the chosen colors of woods and stones are so perfect! i’m in love with the symmetry going on there. 🙂

  21. He is extremely attractive, although I know I am not stating anything new. His level of symmetry amazes me, as do his very pretty eyes. Well done, Modblog. This made me smile. I’m glad to know that people like this man exist in the world.
    He has sort of an innocence to him, which is interesting to relate that to the fact that he is in a hardcore band.

  22. i really feel like i’ve seen this guy (though not necessarily these pictures) somewhere before, no idea where though.
    i’m really awed by his nose. i dont think i’ve ever seen someone with any kind of substantial sized nostril piercings whose nose still looks so (for lack of a better and less offensive-sounding word) normal.

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