16 thoughts on “Don’t cry over broken eggs.

  1. Diamonds, candy corn, a strawberry and other candy…bingo! The diamond isn’t that chubby in real life – I was wearing stilettos for the first time and had been standing on that table for an hour.

    And minor correction: the artist is Greg Lodato from Beacon, NY and the photographer is Angela Mcleland from Fort Worth, Texas.

  2. i think everyone should read Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye (Histoire de l’oeil) amd see this post again!

    muuuch more intersting.

  3. our egg’s are white because if you heard the saying, you know .. If you ain’t WHITE, you ain’t RIGHT!

  4. @11: I seem to recall eggs are brownish because of debris and fragments of rocks the hens ingest when they feed off the ground – they need the calcium contained therein to make eggshells; factory fodder will get the hen the calcium it needs but won’t cause coloration, unless it’s got colorants in it (which I think are banned in most countries, just as those devised to make trouts pink).
    Also, if the terrain is unusually whiteish – maybe there are parts in the world where it is, it would take a geologist to shed light – or the hen has a KKK membership and/or is sick the eggs could be whiter than usual.

    I’m sure Wikipedia has some substantially better explanation, but this is what I seem to recall from my days spent doing farm work.

    Also, my crappy English could be a source of trouble even for the bravest reader… sorry about that.

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