A Family Affair

BME is turning into a real Yente, forever playing matchmaker.  I’m not sure if that’s how DTM and his beautiful new wife, Bri Bri, met each other, but it’s always great when IAM members send us their wedding pictures.  I know it warms this cold heart!

Keeping it all in the family, DTM tells us that the majority of the work you see on the guests was done by himself and his brother Patrick (IAM: patrickryanross).  The brothers work out of DTM’s shop, Art to Zen in Rochester, New York.  The photography, which I think is absolutely stellar, was done by Tellierstudios.com of Seneca Falls, New York.  You can see more of the couples’ gorgeous wedding after the jump.








14 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. thanks Meg.
    the wedding was a great time.. 3day weekend of camping an fun with friends and family

  2. Oh yeah and I don’t know if you could say that we met through BME, but BME has forever changed the course of my life and my career. So that did help to bring me to the town to work where I first met her..
    So in essence.. Yente it up

  3. I was proud to perform Bob Porter to Carmela Pinto,… whom I met here on BME, back when it was a text only format in the 90′s,… I could use a grrl like that myself,… 😉

  4. W00t dan and bri on modblog small world! congrats on the bump and the wedding as well even though i told you in person months ago!

  5. Oh wow, they’re a beautiful couple. I really like the two carved branches wrapped around each other that they’re holding too.

  6. It’s been years since I’ve been to this site. Since Shannons passing I have taken my leave. I’d still like to thank him for being a part of my journey and allowing us a place to post our lives together

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