It’s all about the angle

I am sure modblog reader are familiar with “the myspace angle”, you know, the one where people hold the camera way up high and photograph themselves below. That angle has been proven to be able to take off well over a hundred pounds if used correctly. In a similar fashion photographers often take pictures looking up at there subject, therefore creating the illusion of the subject towering over them.

Well that is exactly what photographer Simon Jacobs did when photographing Dave Bastard for this picture. You see I knew Dave on IAM years before meeting him. From his pictures I thought he was a giant beast of a man, boy was I shocked to see he was just a few inches above oompa loompa height!


Don’t let his small stature fool you though; with his extensive tattooing, muscular physique and extensive gun collection he is one bad ass MoFu! He is also one of the best blackwork tattoo artist in North America, a continent that often overlooks top notch blackwork by stigmatizing it as “tribal”. Check out Dave and his wife Lea’s work here.

12 thoughts on “It’s all about the angle

  1. My kind of guy. Question: By what basis is the claim made that he is one of the best black work artists in North America? Not hating, honest question

  2. “Few inches higher than an ommpaloompa”???…i’m 5’9″ for christsakes!!!…true i’ll never be a pro basketball player,but…WTF?!?!?

  3. More info on Dave as an artist? where does he tattoo out of? where can i see some of his work? i love blackwork, and if he’s near me and really is one of the greats, id like to know about it 😀

  4. @3 That claim, like any objective claim made by myself or any other blogger is based on personal opinion. That opinion is based on seeing a lot of his work first hand and really admiring it. Whether you agree 100% or not check out his black work, it’s definitely high quality, solid black, well flowing designs. Also, the white on black he does works amazingly well.

    @Dave 5’9′ really? I must have been drunker than I realized in London! I just remember you not being near as big as I thought you would be based on your pictures. I stand corrected, Dave is as tall as an oompa loompa with another one sitting on it’s shoulders.

    @5 Dave currently tattoos out of South Florida in a private studio, but he is constantly travelling and doing guest spots. I linked his site above, but here it is again

  5. You’re so not 5’9!
    I seem to recall being quite a bit taller than you, and being that I am 5’9…

  6. hahaha…whatever “deez”…(cough,cough)nuts…should i post a copy of my driver license?…says 5’9″ on it

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